Increasing My Performance with C3fit

My big Spartan Race Weekend is closing in! The training has been tough, to say the least. But I've noticed by combining OCR training and strength training into my routine, my performance has been slowly improving. Thanks in part to my C3fit compression!

When I said I've been basically living in compression... it couldn't be more true! From long runs to Spartan Training workouts at FITNESS 5 Gym, I've been constantly relying on my C3fit compression calf sleeves for performance and recovery. And my C3fit socks for comfort.

Thankfully, Jason and I both had the opportunity to test some C3fit gear (his review coming soon). He too has used them for OCR workouts, training runs, and recovery.

Both of us wearing our calf sleeves while flipping 700b tire!

Some serious C3fit comfort in the house! Making recovery days the best.

These two pieces of C3fit gear have been crucial in my Spartan Training. Let me break down each item separately and why I love them both!

C3fit Compression Calf Sleeves
While running longer distances, I definitely have come to rely on compression calf sleeves in general.    They help improve blood flow, delaying muscles fatigue and thus increasing my performance.

But not all compression sleeves are the same. For me, it's all about the FIT and FEEL. Some may fit great, but be a thick/warm material that's uncomfortable in the desert heat. While others may feel incredible, but just aren't tight enough for me to feel the full benefits.

Jason has the fire red sleeves. Super sleek!

I'm tall, and I can't tell you how many compression sleeves have been way too short on me. And too many that have been too loose to be beneficial. Thankfully C3fit delivers on both. I guess you could say I'm the Goldilocks of Compression Sleeves, and C3fit is my "just right" porridge! 

The C3fit Compression Sleeves fit great and are made of a Nylon/Poly blend that feel thin and sleek, and for me, doesn't trap in heat like a lot of other sleeves can. 

C3fit Arch Support Short Socks

Now, one vital piece of gear for any runner or active person is a good pair of comfy socks. Doesn't sound like that would be that necessary, but after you end up blisters from the wrong socks, you tend to pay attention to that sort of thing. And I've been there too many times!

The C3fit Arch Support Short Socks are *amazing*.  I know what you're thinking--but are they compression? Actually, yes! These socks apply compression to the soles of your feet around the arches.  Think of when you have Plantar Faciitis and you tape up your foot/arch. These socks basically apply that same technique! It's like giving your tired arches a healing hug.

One of my favorite features of these socks is the little cushion in the back, at the top of the heel. This tab on the back of the sock gives a comfy cushion between the heel and shoe. It's a great little added protection from blisters. I seriously will be stocking my sock drawer with more of these for the future.


So what makes C3fit stand out besides these two pieces of gear? Let me share a little more about the company itself.

courtesy: C3fit website

C3fit stands for the 3 C's needed to change the body:
  • Compression
  • Conditioning
  • Comfort
These "3 C's" incorporated in the their design, help improve the body function and enhance fitness quality. 

The following information is from the C3fit website and helps further explain what sets them apart from others:

Compression Design
"Applying an optimal amount of compression, C3fit's design suppresses excessive muscle vibration to minimize energy loss and enhances efficiency in physical exercise. C3fit's long tights, calf sleeves, and high socks are certified as General Medical Devices in Japan. These devices feature graduated compression that exert the strongest pressure on the ankle. Gradually reducing pressure further up the leg.

The graduated compression design improves the performance of muscle contraction. It facilitates the movement of the venous blood from the extremity to the heart and helps control the stagnation of the venous blood and lymphatic fluid in the limbs."

Comfort (3D Pattern) 

"C3fit's comfortable feel is made possible by a completely original design based on an uncompromising pursuit for the perfect fit. Its proprietary crescent patterns achieve the maximum 3D effect using a minimum number of seams. C3fit design reduces fabric bunching behind the joints and slipping in the hip area so that the fabric can closely follow your body movement. C3fit also features a gentle fit that keeps you comfortable even after long hours of use; as well as UV properties to help protect your body from harmful radiation during exercise."

* UV blocking rate of 90%; UPF of 40 or more (data obtained while fabric was stretched by 30%)

courtesy: C3fit website

Check out the C3fit website for more info and to see all of the different products they have available. I definitely will be ordering some of the tights as well as the half-tights!

Overall Thoughts
I highly recommend you check out C3fit. They've really got some great gear and they're growing so there will be even more great gear coming soon! Also, be sure to follow them on social media. They are super engaging on social and can answer any questions. And C3fit always shares absolutely amazing photos of their product in use. 

Courtesy: C3fit Instagram




I loved my experience with the C3fit gear that I've joined their ambassador program! I know C3fit will soon become popular throughout the US and I can't wait to help them get there. I will be sharing experiences with different products, new gear, and more from C3fit throughout the year, as well as many other exciting things to come. 

Now it's time to taper and focus on my big Spartan Beast and Sprint in a week. Let's do this!

Thanks for reading and Happy Running! 


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