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Throwing in the Towel

So I've came to one of the hardest decisions I've made thus far as a runner.  I won't be running my race next weekend. I'm  throwing in the towel... or Race Bib if you will.

Vanquish Energy Gel Review

So even though I haven't had a chance to run lately (dang Plantar Fasciitis!) I at least have been doing more hiking and walking.  I was contacted by Cardiostrong to test out their Vanquish energy gels and put them to the test!

Guest Post-Training with Blessed Runner

I'd like to introduce you to a fellow Arizona runner, blogger, and all around inspiration!  Meet Daniel, aka, Blessed Runner.  He's a pro at balancing running and being a dad.  Both alone are full-time jobs!  He and I partnered in our #RunEatTweetAZ blog swap (you can read my post and more from Daniel over on ) Now let's go on a Training Journey with Blessed Runner !

Favorite Gear Giveaway!

I'm gathering some of my favorite gear and giving you a chance to win the entire package!  We're talking one big giveaway, one winner! I standby all of this gear and have even reviewed most of them.  I enjoy all of these products so much I wanted my readers/followers to have a chance to do the same.  Let's break down the gear and what you could win! PocketFuel REVIEW HERE This stuff is the bomb.  The nut butter blends are great for runs/hikes/rides and anything where your kicking @$$ and taking names!  And the cold brew energy shots--basically just a shot of coffee...are pretty much crack in a pouch and the best thing ever invented.  Plus, they're 100% natural, vegan, dairy and gluten free!

Going Wireless: Jabra Rox Review

Confession: I can't run or workout without my music.  It helps me to get in the groove and push through when the going gets tough.  My biggest issue has been finding headphones that stay in, or what do with with all the excess cord.  So the most logical move: wireless headphones!