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Increasing My Performance with C3fit

My big Spartan Race Weekend is closing in! The training has been tough, to say the least. But I've noticed by combining OCR training and strength training into my routine, my performance has been slowly improving. Thanks in part to my C3fit compression! When I said I've been basically living in compression... it couldn't be more true! From long runs to Spartan Training workouts at FITNESS 5 Gym , I've been constantly relying on my C3fit compression calf sleeves for performance and recovery. And my C3fit socks for comfort.

Chasing My First Spartan Trifecta

Earlier this year I got my first taste of the Spartan/OCR world. (Read my Spartan AZ Race Report Here) It was tough, it was challenging, and I knew I wanted more. I ran the Super in AZ, and to complete my "Trifecta"--all three race distances in one year--I will have to do both the Beast (half-marathon distance) AND the Sprint (5k distance) back to back. So that's the game plan for Spartan Colorado in just a few weeks! It's going to be quite the challenge, and I've been training hard to prepare the best I can.

Summer Summits in SKINS

How's my summer training going? "Busy" would be an understatement! The Spartan Beast & Sprint in Colorado is just around the corner. This race is all is on ski slopes, so it's going to be a tough one for sure! I've been running multiple Valley summits on the weekends, in preparation for the big climbs ahead. This race is all is on ski slopes, so it's going to be a tough one for sure! Between the summits and the intense OCR workouts, I've practically lived in compression gear! A few of my go-to pieces these last few months have been my SKINS   DNAmic Men's Compression Half Tights and my Unisex Calf Tights.