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I've been attempting to not just begin training again, but to train smarter. Better form, stronger running. So I put the ultimate training tool, a pair AMPLAFly shoes, to the test!

First of all, you're probably wondering what's so special about the AMPLAFly. These shoes were founded by a sports scientist and a team of athletic innovators. The AMPLAFly is the first of new innovations of training tools for runners. 

The carbon fiber plate promotes better running form. This FORCEPOWER plate guides the foot to better "force to ground" contact, gathering the force at the mid-foot, and allowing for a stronger toe-off.  So what does this mean? For heel-strikers like me, it helps you correct your form and strike mid-foot and effectively a stronger stride. 

So how did the AMPLAFly sport hold up? Keep in mind, these shoes are not designed for trails. They are not necessarily recommended for long runs either. They are simply a useful training tool to help improve your form to become a more efficient and stronger runner. 


  • I definitely noticed how the shoe felt "clunky" when I tried "heel striking". Why is this a "pro" you ask? Because it forced me to start striking mid foot vs on my heel. 
  • Pretty FLY! Very sleek design.
  • More power. I could feel the force that I didn't realize I had. Making me realize I had more power in my own feet than I knew. 
  • Price. The shoe retails for $120 (cheaper than most out there these days) AND comes with FREE Shipping
  • Fit. They fit very comfortable and are very true to size.
  • 1-on-1 relationship for customers. Every email that comes in is referred to and answered by one of the owners themselves.
  • Direct to consumer brand only. You won't find this training tool in stores, only at in-person expos or online. 

  • Slight aggravation of plantar fasciitis pain. Now, that doesn't mean it causes plantar fasciitis. It just means that I was using my calves more and stronger runs, meant tighter calves. Tight calves can lead to PF. 
  • Stiffness. The carbon fiber plate isn't very giving, so these shoes don't just get broken in. They stay fairly stiff because they are designed to NOT give if you start to stray from improper form. 
This isn't going to be the last you here from AMPLAFly. They are working on new innovations to release very soon. Some without the carbon fiber plat. And I'm very interested to learn what they come up with. 

Overall, if you're a heel striker like me, I do recommend checking out AMPLAFly and giving them a try. You might be surprised like me at what strength your own feet my hold! 

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