Reflections and Confessions

Phew! What a busy week!  So much going on but all of them great things!

First off, an exciting announcement!  I've been accepted as a #BibRavePro!  An ambassador for the awesome runners who've created  Think Yelp, but for races.  It's a wonderful resource for us runners.  We can research races we're considering when planning our race calendar, give shout outs about our favorite races, or warn other runners about the problems we've encountered with various races.
Plus, they have great giveaways periodically for those who write up reviews!  Becoming an ambassador for BibRave means great adventures to come and I can't wait to share them all with you!

In addition, I've been helping out on the Pride Run 10k/5k this weekend.  I'll be acting as the course administrator.  Basically helping set up the course, making sure volunteers are in the spot, and a variety of other responsibilities.  It's definitely a lot of work, however, I enjoy being a part of the "other side" for a change. 

We spent time last weekend walking the course, determining where cones, fences, volunteers, etc need to be placed and marking them all.  Plus, we did a little viral sidewalk marketing as well! 

If you ever have a chance to volunteer for a race, I highly suggest doing it.  It will definitely give you a new perspective and make you realize just how much goes into these events.  Anytime when I'm running a race and I'm not gasping for breath, I try to thank the volunteers out on the course.  Without them, there would be NO race! 

I'll snap some pics while I'm out there to show you a little bit of what it's like to be "behind the lines".  It's going to be an amazing event and if you are in Phoenix this weekend, I suggest coming by!  Run it, volunteer, or just help us cheer everyone on!  I ran the course with a friend the other day and it really is a pretty run.

Besides all that awesomeness, my training has resumed!  I've got the Ragnar Trail-Snowmass coming up and the San Francisco Marathon shortly afterwards... so it's back to heavy mileage! 

I'm using Bart Yasso's Marathon Training Plan because it worked so well for me on my last race.  Also, because I'll be meeting him during the SF Marathon trip, so it'll be fun to train on his plan leading up to our lunch!  I'll tweak the plan slightly to run more on trails and hills...and do a few two-a-days to get ready for Ragnar.  Lots of fun excitement on the horizon! 

What exciting adventures do YOU have planned?  Share them with me below!


  1. sounds like you've got some awesome adventures on board! Awesome! I am scaling back this year, but plan on running a couple half marathons!

    1. Running a few half marathons is still an awesome adventure in itself! Any big PR plans or running for fun?


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