Snap the Perfect Running Selfie

Let's face it. Who doesn't love snapping a good selfie out on their run??  It's how we share our adventures through social media, and with friends and family.  But fumbling with your phone while pounding the pavement is tricky if you've ever tried it!

Since I will be snapping all sorts of pics this weekend at Ragnar Trail-Snowmass, I thought I'd share some tricks to perfecting your running selfie!

  • Safety before Selfie!  This one's the most important.  Don't compromise your safety to get a good selfie! That means no snapping photos when you should be watching for traffic, or fumbling with your phone on difficult terrain. 

  • Turn your sound on.  This way you'll here the camera clicks and know if your pic took.  But don't worry about double checking it until later.  Wait until you get home to critique your pics.

  • Raise it high! Avoid the double-chin by raising your phone higher that eye-level. 

  • Shoot FACING the light.  You need as much light as possible.  So shoot facing the light for maxium exposure. Avoid shadows if you can.

  • Use your headphones.  Your iphone headphones, or those with a toggle/mic can actually snap the photo for you! This way you don't have to worry about hitting the button in the right spot. Just raise it high and click your buds!

  • Keep Snapping!  I'll take dozens of shots on a route I really want to feature.  But of those dozens only a few may turn out the way I want them to.  So my philosophy is take tons, and delete the ones you don't like later. 

  • Showcase your route.  Got a favorite scenic route you love to run? Try to capture that picturesque moment.  A scenic selfie is more interesting than one on a sidewalk. Unless you're just in a pinch ;-)  Also, it's a great excuse to get out and try new routes to spruce up your "selfie album".

  • Get Creative!  Don't always shoot facing forward. Maybe get a side-profile view.  Don't make every selfie look the same.
  • Filter it.  Don't be afraid to throw on a filter.  Sometimes just a "clarity" filter will make the colors pop and really make your selfie stand out! But don't get TOO carried away.  Also, try to steer clear of tons of borders. 

  • Making faces.  NO DUCK FACES! Seriously.  Just don't.  Stick out your tongue if it's a hot and rough route.  Be serious if you're in beast mode.  Or just stick to the good old fashion grin.  But in absolutely NO circumstance should you DUCK FACE! Save that for your bathroom mirror selfies. 

  • Don't forget about your friends!  Running with your friends is a great experience.  And those are the ones you really want to capture!  So snap a running selfie with your friends.. but make sure they don't get cut out of the pic!  Run up ahead for a bit to take a selfie as they come into view.  Just think of it as a little speed work to pass your faster friends and snap a pic of your group!  And getting a pic on tough run when everyones resting or after you've finished your awesome run, is always a great one to share.

I hope these tips helped! Now get out there, and have fun!  Stay tuned to my Instagram :@runner_blogger_az and Twitter: @runblogaz for some of the Ragnar Trail selfies and other pics I'll be snapping! And I'll showcase them all here once I get back!   Happy Running!


  1. I love this! I don't take many selfies because I don't love my running face :) These tips will help a lot! Thanks

    1. I loved writing it! :D Glad the tips can help. Let me know how your next running selfies turn out. :)

  2. I love this post so much. Fun and instructional at the same time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Happy Running and Selfie-ing! lol

  3. I'm selfie challenged but willing to keep trying! The headphone tip is so cool!

  4. The headphones trick is BRILLIANT! I never knew that was possible- you've improved my life! I bow before the selfie king! Great photos and great post!

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