Meet Sarah from Run Ginger Run!

She's a fellow BibRave Pro, inspiring runner, and all around great gal!  But don't take MY word for it.  Here what she had to say in our little Q&A on today's FEATURE FRIDAY!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to start running. 
A: I ran track and cross country in high school but then had the typical drop off that a lot of people experience when they go to college or get married. Then one day at work someone sent out an email and wanted to get a group of people together to do a local 5k. I signed up, didn't train, and barely survived the 5k! Thank goodness! Then I really got into long distance running when someone invited me to join their relay team and I actually trained for it and haven't looked back since! Moral of the story, invite someone to run a race with you, it could change their life!

Q: Are you training for anything right now?
A: Yes! I'm training for a few races right now. In September, I'm running the Half at the Ventura Marathon in California! In November, I have a small local half marathon as well as the full at the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa. The race I'm most excited about is the Honolulu Marathon in December! Can't wait to run 26.2 miles on the beautiful island of Oahu! 

Q: Got any favorite gear?
A: I have so much gear it's hard to pick a favorite. My favorites right now are my FLEXR Sports Neo Running Pouch, my Saucony running shoes, as well as my foam roller and trigger point ball. They keep my feet nice and healthy for running all these miles! 

Q: What's your race-day tradition?
A: My favorite race-day tradition is always taking a selfie while I'm in the corral waiting for the gun to go off. The energy is usually high and you just can't help but smile!  

Q: What are your running/racing goals for the near future?
A:  My one goal for my fall races is to complete a marathon in under 5 hours. I've had some issues with Plantar Fasciitis and I've actually never ran a full marathon pain free. I hope to break the 5 hour mark at my full during Route 66 in November. 

Q: How do you stay motivated?
A:  I've definitely struggled with motivation in the past. Especially during my off season in the summer.  Blogging definitely helps me stay motivated as well as reading other blogs. Also I have a great group of running buddies here in Tulsa who are always fun to be around so that helps too! 

Q: How do you celebrate after a successful race?
A: With food! And Beer. And more food and maybe more beer! I think you see the trend. :) 

Q: If you could choose to run with anyone, who would it be and why?
A:  All my BibRavePro buddies! I hope to meet some or all of them in real life at some point! Although, I'm not super fast so it will have to be a fun run! :) 

PR Selfie!
Q: What would you say was your worst racing experience?
A:   My worst racing experience was at my one and only 50k. It was a flat course on a paved trail here in my hometown, but I never should have ran that race. I wasn't in 50k shape and my plantar fasciitis was at an all time worst. I managed to survive but it was the most painful race I've ever experienced. Lesson learned. 

Q: Now it's time for some bragging! Any PRs you want to tell us about?
A: In April of this year I broke my half marathon PR by over 3 minutes! I was so stoked! I ran a small local half marathon where I knew the course would be ideal conditions for a PR. I'm proud because I set my mind to it and even
                                        though it got difficult, I didn't give up and I accomplished it.

Q: If you could only pick one race to run... what would it be and why?
A:  If I could only pick one race to run, I would run the Route 66 Half Marathon in November here in Tulsa. The feeling of running in your own town, with your friends running next to you, and the crowd support is just awesome! Oh and they have beer and jello shots on the course! Not to mention that they have award winning medals! I'm a total sucker for nice bling!

Q: Share one of your most memorable running experiences.
A: My most memorable race experience comes from my very first full marathon. I remember hearing the gun go off for the start of the race and as we were making our way through the corral to the start line it suddenly hit me... I'm running a marathon! I don't know why it hit me at that exact moment but it was a total ah-ha type moment and for those first few tenths of a mile, everything felt so surreal and dreamlike. It was the best feeling ever! 

Q: What advice do you have for those just beginning to run or are looking to reach a PR?
A: My best advice for new runners is to join a running club!  You can meet new friends, get tons of advice from more experienced runners, find out about new trails/routes, and you never have to run alone. Plus they typically have training plans that can help you improve or shoot for a PR when you are ready!

Sarah's got some great stories over on her Blog: http://www.rungingerrunblog.com
But you can also follow her adventures on Twitter: @Run_Ginger_Run
or Instagram: rungingerrun


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