Puppies' First Race: Kiss Me I'm Irish Race Review

The puppies had their first race this last weekend at the

Many of my #RunEatTweetAZ friends were running the Kiss Me I'm Irish Run, and I decided to join them when I discovered how very dog-friendly a race it was. There are many options available (17k, 8k, 4k, and 1k) Janie could easily have ran the 8k, but we dropped down to the 4k so Jackson could join in on the fun.

Left (Janie) Reads: "Can't Catch Me. Right (Jacskon) Reads: "Regret Nothing"
Parking was pretty easy. A little congested but typical for any race. And the start/finish area was a huge PARTY! Live Irish band, booths from local vendors, and everyone dressed in awesome costumes!

Shout out to my friend Emily from http://azsungoddess.weebly.com/.
She snagged 3rd place in her division in the 17k!

It was a little difficult navigating through the crowd with two dogs in tow, but that's to be expected. We ended up way in the back of the start, so we were forced to walk a bit to weave through some of the slower runners. Once we got started and moved passed the walkers, the pups finally got to go out full speed!

Ready to start! 

Spotting the competition and surging ahead! :) 
Mid-way through there was an aide station, complete with water bowls for dogs.  They definitely needed it, things were quickly heating up. But that's Arizona for ya!

 They're naturals!
As we neared the finish, Janie decided she couldn't pass up a little roll in the grass. She may be competitive, but apparently she's new to the whole "timed race" thing. :P

At the finish, there was a FEAST! Complete with Nothin' Bundt Cakes "bundtinis", Muscle Milk, chips, power bars, gatorade, and plenty of treats for the pups! After we had our fill, we went over to the outdoor patio of McFadden's Pub where runners got a FREE green beer. The #RunEatTweetAZ crew got together to swap stories, snap pics, and enjoy the fun!

The only issue for me with the Kiss Me I'm Irish Run, were the start-times. There was some confusion over the proper times because the website times and times sent out in an e-mail were different. So some runners started with the wrong crowd, showed up late and missed their group, or were just overall confused. HOWEVER, the race directors have already addressed this issue, are aware of the confusion it caused, and I'm sure they will have everything running smooth in 2016!

The tech shirts were awesome and the medal pretty sweet (it's a bottle opener!). All in all, I highly recommend the Kiss Me I'm Irish Run, especially if you have any four-legged family members who enjoy running too. :)

Tired puppies didn't even make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep!

Question for YOU: Have you ever ran a race with your dog? Do you have one who likes to run with you?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I don't have a dog so no, but hope to get one in the next year or so to run with :-)

  2. I've only taken my dogs on a 1 mile run in the neighborhood. I'd be afraid they'd be way too excited at a race for me to control them (they're quite big).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Fortunately this race has a 1K too, so even the big dogs were out there for the smaller runs! But I understand, sometimes bigger dogs can become more of a hassle when running.

  3. Too. Much. Cuteness! I love that the doggies got to participate and Janie decided to take a roll in the grass! Ha!


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