Styling Shades, Customized Performance: Rudy Project Fotonyk Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Fotonyk Performance Sunglasses and Trucker Hat from Rudy Project to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Santa didn't bring everything you wanted for Christmas? Treat yourself to what are now a crucial piece of my training gear: Rudy Project Fotonyk shades. I put them to the test and share how they held up in the desert! 
I've always been a fan of the Rudy Project shades since I first tried their Rydon Impactx-2 shades (Read that review HERE). From those, I learned that Rudy Project shades are extremely light, yet crazy durable. Short of running over them, I have yet to scratch or ruin my Rudy Project shades. And I'm clumsy on the trails, believe me! 

Rudy Project shades are also known for their level of customization! Some shades allow for custom colored tips and nose pieces (like the Rydon Impactx-2). But the Fotonyk this time, had something new. 
Fotonyk Shades with "Lens Bumpers"
The Rudy Project Fotonyk shades come with what they call "Lens Bumpers". They are designed to help protect the face during impact or falls (remember how I said I was clumsy on the trails? This could literally save me from so many bad accidents!). The bumpers come in a variety of colors (seen above in white) and can be removed or added easily. I did remove the bumpers from mine--very easily done, but you do have to take out the lenses to do so. I like the bumpers, but I prefer an "un-obstructed view" when out on the road. 

My favorite thing about these shades? The Photochromic Lenses. In other words: transition lenses! Clear when it's cloudy, dark when it's sunny. This works out perfect for me because I start running when it's dark out still, but finish when it's sunny and bright. I can wear my shades and not have to stow them away until I need them. 

Wearing my shades during cross-training.
I've been wearing my Rudy Project Fotonyk shades for all of my really long runs, in training for the Sedona Marathon.  And they really have been phenomenal. But the real test was during my cross-training workouts like my Spartan Training. Lots of burpees, jumping, etc. And the shades never once threatened to fall off my slick, sweaty face. So they sit un-noticeably tight on your face and it's fantastic. 

Emily and I in our different Rudy Project Fotonyk shades after the Scottsdale Half.
The Rudy Project Fotonyk shades also come in a variety of fun colored frames. I always tend to go for more of a "subtle" color, but for those who like their shades to really pop, Rudy Project has the best of both worlds. You can even purchase an extra set of lenses to go from colored-lenses to normal. 

The Rudy Project Fotonyk shades go for about $200 and I know that can be a sticker shock for some. But I've had my first pair or Rudy Project shades for over a year now and they're still going strong! Rudy Project has high-quality gear and it shows in the performance. 

Now you've probably also noticed my awesome Rudy Project Trucker Hat right? Isn't it sweet! Regular snapback trucker hat, but classy enough to wear when you're not running. It's pretty styling and I'm all about matching and accessorizing. But it's also great by itself for a day you don't feel like fixing your hair. Which for me, is pretty much any day. LOL.

Best part? When you spend over $75 right now on, you'll get a FREE RUDY HAT! I don't believe it's the same one as the one I have, but both are awesome. This hat goes for $25.00 online by itself.

I highly recommend the Rudy Project Fotonyk Shades and paring them with a sweet Rudy Project Trucker Hat. Spend the money on the shades now and you'll get that hat for free! Awesome deal. 

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