What I have been up to? New running update

I've been quiet as of late. Doing little running and focusing on recovery. And while I've been optimistic, it looks like I'm going to be recovering for a little longer than expected.

I've been doing ALL the recovery. Yoga, Chiropractor, Cyrotherapy, Dry needling, etc. Physical Therapy has been helping. But I still can't run pain-free just yet. And we're not sure WHAT is wrong with my knee. There's no swelling. But extending my knee still hurts after even a small run. We're thinking there could be some meniscus issues. Yay. :-(

I'm scheduled for an MRI soon and will hopefully have some final answers shortly. It's been frustrating and left me on a roller coaster of emotions. Sad. Angry. Depressed.

courtesy: kookyrunner.com

I haven't wanted to write or post much about running because it honestly made me even more depressed that I wasn't out crushing the miles. But then I thought... just because I'm not running doesn't meant I can't enjoy talking about it. So I'm focusing on other running adventures to keep my chaotic mind occupied and emotions in check.

I've been pouring some of my free time into working on launching a new running podcast called "We Run the Desert"! My friend Chris Polito and I will be co-hosting this podcast and I'm excited for what we can do with it. We hope to launch it soon, once we get a few episodes done and ready.

Meanwhile, I want to pick back up on my writing about topics and things people want to read. So feel free to drop me a line about what you would love to see! Want to know more about ultra training? Dry needling? Running with pups? Let me know and I will ramp back up my blog posts with some entertaining and educational content!

I'll also keep you posted on my recovery. Really hoping I'm back up and running (literally) and bringing you more awesome adventures really soon.


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