Reflections and Resolutions

  2013 was a great year by far.  I have too many fond memories to list them all.  Too many races to review, both good and bad.  But I will say, my biggest triumph, was being a part of an Ultra team for the Ragnar Relay So Cal!
200+ Miles and 24 hours of torturous pavement pouding, divided amongst me and five other guys...  And I loved every minute of it!  The more I challenge myself and push past my limits, the more accomplished I feel.  And that is what has inspired me to really push myself in 2014 and make it a year to  outdo myself!

  Instead of setting a goal only focusing on one particular race... I've decided to make one that encompasses the entire year!  I'll be taking on the "Run This Year" Challenge!
What exactly am I getting myself into? The challenge--to run 2,014 Kilometers in 2,014.  That's roughly 1,251.4 Miles for the entire year.  A mere 30 miles a week...but... for the entire year
(and obviously, a lot of math)

   I'm focusing on kilometers rather than miles because there are a lot of other goals I want to achieve as well and would like to still have knees when I'm done. Don't get me wrong...this challenge alone is going to be tough! But I'm doing it not just for myself, but for YOU guys as well! I want to inspire readers to get active or run farther...  while still entertaining with the stories I'm sure to accumulate!  I'll keep you posted on how it's going and feel free to join me as well! Here's the LINK again if you want to check it out!
Better yet, sticking with this challenge will not only help me stay motivated throughout the year, but it is a great way to achieve a base for when I begin training for my first real Ultra-Marathon!

 I'd also like to focus on meeting some personal record (PR) goals in both the half and full marathons I'll be racing. (To see a full list of my upcoming races, check out the top right of my page for the race calendar!)  Which is going to require some key speed training, tempo runs, ect.

Besides the intense challenge I'll be tackling for the year, there's a few other "smaller" things I plan on checking off my bucket list!  One of them being.... the Golden Gate Bridge!  I've never been to San Francisco but I've always wanted to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.  So what better way to see the city and check off that goal then to run a marathon? So I'll be running the
 San Francisco Marathon on July 27th. Can't wait to write to you all about that one!

  Also, I've never been outside the U.S.  Ever.  So to get my feet wet, so to speak, I'll be traveling to Montreal for the Rock n Roll Half-Marathon on September 28th! (I don't speak a lick of French, so... this should be interesting.)

  There's many more races and training challenges I'll be tackling in 2014 but those are the main ones on my list.  I can't wait to share with you how it all goes and I aim to keep you inspired and entertained along the way!

(sunset pic I snapped atop"A Moutain" in Tempe)

 Happy New Years to everyone, Happy Running and let's make 2014 AWESOME!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think you have a great goal Jeremy! I wish you the best in achieving it :) I haven't set a specific goal yet this year. I need too! So far I know that I just want to run more and stay consistent. I need a written plan though so I can stick with it.....

    1. Just running and staying consistent IS a goal! No reason to knock that! My best suggestion is to try lots of new things... new trails, new cross-training, new running groups... It'll help keep things fresh and you'll be less likely to loose motivation! Good luck! let me know if you need someone to light a fire under your bum! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for leaving your link! I too am hopping on a Ragnar Trail Relay team this year (actually I'm the Captain, yikes!) although it's not an ultra team. I'll save my ultrarunning for the fall. I already set a goal to cross 1250 miles as well this year so it looks like I'm going to join you in the Run the Year challenge! Awesome! Thanks for sharing! We'll have to keep up with each others' progress. Happy Running!

    1. I may actually Captain a Ragnar trail team as well!! Double yikes! And so glad to meet another Run this Year participant! Definitely will keep up with your progress! Happy running and hope your run this wknd isn't too cold!! :)

  3. Congrats on a great year! I have been hearing great things about the Ragnar Relay. The San Francisco Marathon and Montreal Half look incredible!

    1. Ragnar Relay is amazing, I absolutely recommend it! (of course, the 12-member team is a lillte less crazy. lol. And yes, I'm excited for all that 2014 has to offer... woo hop! Happy running to you and thanks for stopping by! Swing by again!!

  4. I'm enjoying your blog so far. I really like looking at your bib background. Awesome idea! I can't wait to read about your San Francisco experience.

  5. Thanks! Hopefully I'll entertain you enough for a return visit. ;-) and the bib background is a picture of the actual bib mural I have on my bedroom wall. I'm glad you like it! Happy Running!!


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