Five Fave Friday--Recovery

I'm still in "recovery" mode after the marathon.  The adrenaline is wearing off, and I'm ready to start training again!! But I've got to play it smart and recover properly before jumping back on the Marathon wagon!

So this week has been dedicated to active and inactive recovery.  Here's some of my favorite and most effective ways to recover!

1.) KEEP ACTIVE.  I like to stay active but not go overboard.  All week my muscles have been super sore.  Stairs were my kryptonite! But it's always best to do a little light activity to work out the lactic acid.  So I've been playing with my pup at the park and going on small jogs with her.  She enjoys it and it gets me on the right track!

2.) STRETCH/ROLL  Use your foam roller! If you don't have one... invest!  It's great for working out all the kinks and after a marathon, I won't lie.. it'll HURT.  But afterwards it feels so much better.  I promise.  My neighbors probably think someone was being murdered in my apartment... but at least I can make it down stairs with ease!

3.) EAT. Need I say more?
 I probably took this one a little overboard this week... allowing myself whatever my heart (or sweet tooth) desires.  But it's also key to eat lots of the good stuff too.  Protein for the muscles, bananas for the soreness, etc.  But throwing in some chocolate and ice cream is okay too. ;-)

4.) RELAX. The best part of recovery? Relaxing! Another thing my dog enjoys! I spend a large part of the morning binge watching Netflix, sipping some coffee and curling up with the my baby girl!!

5.) REWARD.  As if relaxing and eating weren't enough... I sometimes like to reward myself for completely a successful PR/Race goal.  Whether it's buying a new pair of running shoes, or signing up for another race... it really helps to motivate me to keep going and I get extremely excited about all the new adventures that await! 

What's YOUR favorite way to recover?  Share them with me below and Happy Running!


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