The other day I was running with my pup and taking a shortcut through a vet clinic parking lot.  A guy yells at me from beside his car asking for help. His dog had eaten something bad and wouldn't budge, and his pet was just too big to carry.  I immediately ran inside, asked someone for a gurney, made sure everything was taken care of, then continued on my run.   

  I didn't think too much of it because I simply did what any good person would do.  But it got me thinking.  I've lost count the number of times someone has stopped and asked me for directions while I'm out running.  And I recall a few times I've came across a person who's car has stalled on the road and needed a push.  One of those times, I reached a stoplight the same time as a cyclist when a car stalled in the middle of the intersection.  Without thinking, we both ran up to push them to a safe area.

  I've also stumbled upon dog fight in progress.  One angry owner pulled a knife on another owner's pit bull... there was lots of screaming.  I used my water bottle to spray the more aggressive dog and tried to help before it escalated any further.  (I felt like spraying the yelling owners as well, because they sure weren't helping the situation!)  I offered to call police, and made sure everyone was moving on their way before I continued on. 

 Now, by no means do I believe I've done anything a normal person wouldn't do.  But I think about all the other runners out there.  Encountering the same kind of thing. Every day.  We give directions, help people in need, and anything else we come across. All while smiling and waving to each other as we pass.
  In this way, I see runners as an "everyday hero". We may not wear a cape, or fight crime.  Okay, some runners may wear a cape and daydream of fighting crime, but both give us a boost when we're out pounding pavement!  We aren't risking our lives like the police and firefighters that serve to protect our neighborhoods, but we are a positive icon in the public eye.

  We are the CEO at a local corporation.  We are the checkout clerk at your local grocery store.  An everyday person with an everyday job.  But when we are out running, we don't shun our duties to serve our community in any way possible.  We runners are the everyday superheroes.

Thanks for reading!  What small part have you done to help someone in your community while out on a run?  Happy Trails!


  1. For you to step in and help break up a crazy dog fight, that's pretty brave right there!!! This post Makes me want to be a runner!!! Nothing cool ever happens when I ride my bike. Lol Great post!

    1. Cyclists are heroes in their own way. But maybe you're going too fast a that's why no one stops you for help! Lol or maybe I just have rotten luck? Or good luck, depending on how you look at it. :)

  2. I once came across a wallet while running in my neighborhood. Just so happened to belong to a Sheriff's Deputy in the neighboring county. I called the station to ensure its safe return to the owner.

  3. This is awesome! I once found a guy down on the sidewalk @2AM - he looked like he was having a heart attack. I called 911... turns out he was the town drunk and tripped over the curb. Even though he was arrested for public drunkenness, I still felt like I did something good. He could have been dying! LOL


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