Throwback Thursday: Race Reflection

This time last year I was preparing to run the Phoenix Marathon, with a goal to PR.  (Spoilers, I *did* PR!) Last year's Race Recap HERE.
Now I'm just hoping to finish the Half!  

The Phoenix Marathon is always a great race: downhill, cool pre-race send off for runners, great bling, and amazing atmosphere. I PRed last year, shaving nearly 30 minutes off my marathon time! Rain didn't slow me down, but rather helped me achieve my goal!

Now, one year later, I'm definitely not at the same level. Injury, illness, and more has knocked me off my game! But we runners go through cycles, we have our ups and downs... and I'm at the point where I'm slowly on may way back up. 

So what does that mean for this year's Phoenix Marathon? I'll be "just" running the half. And I'll be taking it slow and easy.  I'll feel accomplished if I can just cross that finish line! 

Last year's finish line! Will I make it there again?! 
This is also THE social race of the year! Big time bloggers and online running friends from across the globe are coming in for this one. So I'll be socializing with the big dogs left and right, and I couldn't be more excited about it! 

Also, my running group #RunEatTweetAZ, will be taking some group photos before the race. So if your running, whether the full or the half, be sure to join us for some group photo fun! We'll post on our FB page and Twitter on where to find us, but check out the times below.

That normally would be enough to make this race fun. However, many of you that know me also know that I don't just like to run easy... I like to set SOME sort of goal for myself. Whether it's a selfie at every mile, selfies with strangers, or just snapping fun pics along the way. 

So what should I do this time? A selfie with a runner every mile? Maybe a handshake with a volunteer at each mile marker? Let me hear your thoughts! And I look forward to bringing you a whole NEW experience from the Phoenix Marathon Half! 


  1. I think you should run the race in costume!

  2. Pace a friend! I always find that fun when I'm not killing myself to PR at a race.

  3. Love the selfies!! I've heard great things about this race, and a 30 min PR! Wow! I need to put this one on my bucket list!


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