13.1 Miles. 13.1 Selfies. Rock n Roll Denver Race Review

I'll go ahead and say it.  Out of all the Rock n Roll races I've done, the Denver course 
has been my favorite!
This was my first time running RnR Denver.  And I'm so happy I got to share the experience with my sister and nephew.  They both wanted to PR and since I'm still recovering from Plantar Fasciitis, I figured I could help my pace my sis.  

I flew in on saturday and we went straight to the expo.  As always, the Rock n Roll series expos are massive! But this time, I was surprised to find a few booths detected to pets!  They even handed out free treats for your pup.  This really impressed me. 

The host hotel, the Sheraton, was within walking distance to the start.  The start time, 7:15am.  And I had moved back to my sister's coral.  So we had plenty of time to wait in the porta potty lines and still make it with our corral.  

                                                           Pre-race selfie! 


Since I wasn't going to be pushing myself, and instead pacing Michele.  I decided to do a selfie for every mile. And some "extras" along the way.  

Mile 1 selfie!  

The weather was chilly at the start, but quickly warmed up to perfect running weather!  


                                                                Mile 2 Selfie!

There were definitely some hills on this course.  But nothing too crazy.  Just enough to make you work.


Mile 3 Selfie!

The Fall colors were everywhere! They really made the views spectacular! 

Mile 4 Selfie! 


Mile 5 Selfie!

Michele looking good and on pace!



Mile 6 selfie! (we finally had the bright idea to start holding up fingers. lol)


Mile 7 Selfie!

Mile 8 Selfie!

The city views were pretty awesome too!

Mile 9 Selfie!

Going strong!

Mile 10 Selfie! 

Mile 11 Selfie!  Home stretch!


Lots of great and enthusiastic spectators and volunteers!

Mile 12 Selfie! Almost there!

Mile 13! Finish strong! 



We did it!  And not only did my sister PR, but she beat her goal time by 2 minutes! Way to go!!!


Her son also PRed and was waiting for us at the end.  

The finish line was the same as the start.  And out and back course.  
And within walking distance from the hotel.  Couldn't ask for better! 


I have ran a lot of Rock n Roll Races and I have to say, Denver is definitely one of my new favorites! I highly recommend it to anyone.  A little hilly, but nothing to worry about.  The looped course is extremely convenient, scenic, and weather was amazing.  I'd do it all 13 miles of selfies over again in a heartbeat! :) 


  1. It was AWESOME to have you run the entire race with me! I am usually on my own. I would NOT have been able to PR by 13 minutes without you. I am looking forward to the next one and I will start training harder as soon as I can move without hurting!

    1. Was fun to run with you! Glad to help you get a PR! :)

  2. LOVE! you are such a great (and fun!) brother :) Congrats to sister (who looks great for having a son that age!)

    1. Hahaha. people always think we're married b/c she looks so young. And she's my OLDER sis! :P

  3. What an awesome overall race experience for you and your sister! Love the pics every mile. :)

  4. Looks like fun!!! Don't know how you manage selfies while running!!! I have enough trouble with them standing still LOL!

  5. I love mile 7 selfie the best because it looks like you have a halo! Such a fun idea and love that you ran with your sis! Tell her and your nephew congrats!!!

  6. I loved this. Your sister looks like she was pretty much done by mile 12. LOL!

  7. You don't even look tired! What a good brother! Can you find someone to pace me and selfie me at Phoenix pretty please?


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