Confessions of a Social Media Influencer

How can I get free stuff? How do I get to be an ambassador for something? I get TONS of questions about being a "social media influencer". From product reviews to ambassadorships. So I want to answer some of those questions in order to help others and also to give some perspective on just what exactly it means to be a social media "influencer."

Back On My Feet with New Adventures Ahead!

I've been under the radar lately, after having some dental surgery done a few weeks ago. I had some much-needed recovery and down time, but now I'm ready to get back into the saddle for some exciting new adventures ahead!

I'm an Orange Mud Sponsored Athlete!

Drumroll please for one of my biggest announcements to date.... I'm officially an Orange Mud Sponsored Athlete for 2018!

Running My First Ultra: Black Canyon 60k Race Recap

HOLY CRAP! I did it! I'm still so excited to finally have finished my first Ultra! It's been a long time coming, and I'm excited to share that I crushed it.

I definitely have a new appreciation for ultra runners and learned so much from my first ultra experience!

Race Report: Back to Back Spartan Arizona

One challenging weekend out of the way. I ran the Spartan Arizona Super and the Spartan Arizona Sprint in one weekend, and it was both a mental and physical challenge to my limits!

Tough Challenges, Big Adventures. The Crazy is About to Begin!

It's Taper Time! If you know me, you know I love pushing my limits and setting new challenges for myself. Next week kicks off my newest EPIC Challenge.

I'll be racing the Spartan Race Arizona Super on Saturday, 02/10 followed by the Arizona Sprint on 02/11. Then, just 6 days later, I'll be running my first ultra marathon--The Black Canyon 60k! The pre-race jitters are already beginning. 😱😱

Beyond Expectations: 361 Degrees Meraki Shoe Review

I've now ran well over 100 miles in the 361° Meraki. And spoiler alert: I've found my new favorite! This may be a lengthy review, but I've got lots to share about the 361 Degrees brand, the Meraki model, and why they are performing beyond expectations.