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JJ100-A Social Media Adventure!

I'm so excited for tomorrow! I'll be helping behind the scenes, live-tweeting from the Javelina Jundred 100 Ultra! My group, #RunEatTweetAZ, is part of the social media team for Aravaipa Running.

Compression Confessions: Why I choose ZENSAH

There are a LOT of compression brands out there. When it comes to compression sleeves and socks,  there's only one that I've found that suits my needs and holds up to my standards.  And that's ZENSAH.

Fueling with Huppybar: Review and Giveaway!

Thanks to my running group #RunEatTweetAZ, I was able to give Huppybar a try!
My favorite thing about the Huppybar is it's made with love right here in Arizona!  I love supporting local businesses and especially those up and coming products that gear towards us runners. 

13.1 Miles. 13.1 Selfies. Rock n Roll Denver Race Review

I'll go ahead and say it.  Out of all the Rock n Roll races I've done, the Denver course  has been my favorite!

Hydrating With Hoist

First off, I have to take a few seconds to really thank Hoist for not only sending me a few items to try out.... but a whole CASE!  AND a draw-string bag like the ones you get at expos! THANK YOU SO MUCH Hoist, You guys rock!

Surviving My First DNS

As many of you may already know, I threw in the towel on my big Montreal Half-Marathon.  Injury has sidelined me for months and I just didn't think it was a smart move to do it.  However, I DID still go on the trip with several friends who were running.  This probably made my first DNS (Did Not Start) even tougher.

NuttZo Review and Giveaway!

Here's a confession for you: I'm obsessed with peanut butter and nut butters.  All kinds really!

Most recently I've been fixed on Almond Butter and PocketFuel's nut butter blends for both before and DURING my runs.  Now enter NuttZo's Organic Seven Nut & Seed Butter!