Hydrating With Hoist

First off, I have to take a few seconds to really thank Hoist for not only sending me a few items to try out.... but a whole CASE!  AND a draw-string bag like the ones you get at expos! THANK YOU SO MUCH Hoist, You guys rock!

Now on to the Review.  I received the opportunity to test out Hoist as an ambassador for BibRave (otherwise known as a BibRavePRO).  I swear being a BibRavePRO has been one of the greatest experiences to date!

As always, my thoughts on the products I review are my own.  I was not compensated for this review. Simply provided the product to try and tell YOU all about it! So WHAT is it?

Hoist claims that it's the most "hydrating drink on the market"?  How can they make that claim? Because their drink is ISOTONIC.  Meaning it gets into your bloodstream faster, and doesn't sit in your gut.  Here's what their website says about being ISOTONIC.

"An isotonic drink has a similar carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration to your body, meaning that your body will absorb them faster than water alone. Because Hoist is isotonic, your body can start absorbing rejuvenating electrolytes from the first sip. Your body doesn't have to do any work to give your cells a drink. Plus, Hoist does not contain any added colors or high fructose corn syrup. It’s a no-brainer for when you really need to rehydrate fast."

Hoist comes in three flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Starfruit, and Orange.  I was provided with 6 Strawberry Lemonade and 6 Starfruit.  So unfortunately I can't comment on the orange.

The Strawberry Lemonade... FANTASTIC!  The taste is much like Propel for anyone who's had it, but that's just flavored water.  Hoist, however, is made for hydration.  Here's how it stacks up to other hydration drinks on the market.


I do have to be honest though, I did NOT like the Starfruit flavor.  It tasted kind of like cough syrup to me.  But the Strawberry Lemonade totally made up for it.  I had a friend try the Starfruit and she loved it.  So maybe it's just me on that one.  Regardless, I don't hold it against a product if there's only one flavor that I didn't like.

I will say, Hoist is the only other drink like this that I've tried that doesn't upset my stomach (other than Cocogo, which I'm still very fond of).  And I didn't feel the need to drink tons of water on my run so it DOES work! I"m considering stocking up on some Strawberry Lemonade.

Also, there are local vendors who carry HOIST!  You can check out if there's a location near you on their website http://drinkhoist.com/  But you can always buy it online as well. It runs about $30 for a case of 12 online.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend Hoist.

Tell me, have you ever tried it?  What hydration drink do YOU enjoy the most?


  1. I have never tried Hoist. I myself am a water drinker...even when I run. My tummy just can't seem to handle anything other than straight up water.

    1. Heidi, I always have the same issue! The two that I've found that DON'T upset my tummy are HOIST and COCOGO. Both are pretty inexpensive and worth giving a shot! ;-)

  2. I haven't tried Hoist - used tailwind for my first marathon as sole fuel source & a few additional slurps of water along the way. I like the orange/mandarin, berry & raspberry with caffeine flavours www.tailwindnutrition.com :-) no tummy issues & tastes great.

    1. Hmmm.. haven't heard of tailwind. I'll have to check it out!! thanks!

  3. I have no doubts that Hoist is great, especially since it is an Isotonic drink, but when searching for the best hydration drink, there are also other great options like SKRATCH LABS EXERCISE HYDRATION DRINK, or the GU ROCTANE SPORTS GEL, and a few more for which you can check out the reviews here: http://hikingmastery.com/food/best-hydration-drink.html

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  6. I was first given Hoist by a vendor at a 5k. I can honestly say it worked well for me, especially being in Texas during a summer run.


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