Compression Confessions: Why I choose ZENSAH

There are a LOT of compression brands out there. When it comes to compression sleeves and socks, 
there's only one that I've found that suits my needs and holds up to my standards.  And that's ZENSAH.  

Now, full disclosure, I DID receive a free pair to review via BibRave.  However, If you notice, I've been buying Zensah compression sleeves for quite a while and they've made a debut in MANY of my race pics!

So WHY Zensah? I've tried out some other major brands like ProCompression and CEP.  

Here's my breakdown on the three, and why I believe Zensah is the better buy.

CEP can be found at lots of local running stores, and is usually the most affordable.  But you get what you pay for! CEP constantly is wearing down after regular use, and the thread will even start unraveling! 

CEP starting to loose its elasticity. 

Now on to ProCrompression.  PC has a HUGE social media following with tons of ambassadors.  They also have deals going on constantly. And they do hold up a lot better than CEP.  However, the sizing is always just a little "off" for me. They're either too tight or too loose. 

I use Zensah not just for running, but also recovery! 
And Finally, ZENSAH!  I've been running in Zensah for about the last year and a half.  
Occasionally I'll wear the others when I'm training and my Zensah are in the wash... 
but come race day,  Zensah are my go-to compression sleeves! 

They're thick and durable.  Not too thick to be too hot.  
Just enough to withstand regular use and not wear down. 

Zensah also fits me like a glove. I can slide them on without having to struggle, 
and they're just tight enough to provide proper compression. 

They're also affordable! Zensah run around $40 for a pair of sleeves, and $45 for the "ULTRA" leg sleeves I'm actually wearing in the pic above.  Zensah can also be found at a lot of local running shops.

Although I always choose some nuetural colors, keep in mind they have TONS of bright, fun designs if that's what you're into.  

A loare different for everyone.  And brands that work for some, don't for others.  But after much trail and error, Zensah definitely has made a loyal customer out of me! 

A lot of friends and family will ask WHY I even use compression sleeves.  You can read all about my original "Compression Confessions" here, where I spill all on my compression obsession!

Tell me, what's YOUR favorite compression brand and why?  Have you ever tried Zensah?


  1. Yes, yes, YES! My same thoughts exactly. Have tried all 3 that you listed and same experiences. Love the Zensahs. So much easier to get on and off and just the right compression. Now, if we could only get the discounts Pro Compression gives ;)

  2. I have never worn sleeves, but do have a pair of skins & a pair of TXU tights - are the sleeves similar in thickness?? I usually wear them for recovery not during the run as my SPI belt slides up over them :-( I do wear compression socks. Maybe time to try a funky pair of the Zensah's :-)

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