Compression Confessions

We Runners live in a market saturated with powders, drinks, bars, gels, supplements, and clothing... all promising to make us faster, recover quicker, or provide an extra boost of energy.  And I'll admit, I love trying them all!
 But not everything works for everyone. Each runner will swear by one product over another.  And there's always tons of conflicting studies debunking what we once thought as running gospel.  Nevertheless, we runners are also STUBBORN and when we find something that
                                                                                 works for us as an individual,
                                                                                 we refuse to accept otherwise.
  For me, the one product I "swear" by is compression sleeves/socks.  Both essentially work the same.  You've probably seen hundreds of people wearing them during a race, or seen someone sporting some brightly colored compression sleeves afterwards.  They make look ridiculous, but I've come to love mine!
   What do they do? Basically it's all about circulation... here's a great article explaining the benefits and why you'll see so many people wearing them.
  Again, every runner is different. Some swear they help them recover after a run and will wear them under their normal clothes... disguising neon green compression sleeves under their jeans at a post-race party.  Others, like me, wear them during the race itself.  I have found that my calves cramp less during my really long runs.  I tend to prefer the sleeves b/c I can still wear my normal socks.  However, if it's a chilly start or going to be cold throughout the race, I'll wear my compression socks for the extra warmth. 
    I'm not saying you HAVE to run out right now and buy a pair... but if you're on the fence about it...
I will suggest at least trying them out! Every runner I know loves them, even those who just started wearing them.  But you just have to find out the use that suits you best. During a run vs after. 
  As with any major running product, there are plenty of brands out there to choose from.  The compression sleeves are cheaper (ranging from $30-45 for the sleeves; $45-60 for the socks).  If it's your first time with these, check out your local running store and they'll help you choose the best pair/size for you.
  Have any other questions/comments about compression sleeves/socks?
                                                       Let me hear 'em below!  Thanks for reading and
                                                       Happy Running!


  1. I run every run over 6 miles in them and every race of any distance. I have a cranky calf and compression keeps it from going from cranky to not willing to run. When I'm doing back to back races, I run in them, do an epsom salt bath, and then put on a clean pair of compression socks for the next few hours. So, yeah, I'm sold on them.

    1. I too have angry calves and wear then on any distance over 10. And I will wear a fresh pair after a race or the next day if I'm super sore. And virtual high-five on the Epsom salts... Those are part of my recovery routine too!

  2. I've used socks and calf sleeves during a run just to try out but haven't felt any added benefit so don't race in them. I swear by them for long run recovery and travel though!!! I will wear arm sleeves for cooler morning races but not compression sleeves.

    1. They're not for everyone. I love em but doesn't mean they're the best fit for every runner. I've only worn arm sleeves twice... But that's the benefit of desert-weather lol

  3. I'm on my feet all day and according to my fit-bit can range from 12000-15000 steps per day . Do you think these socks would help someone with varicose vein problems whose doc has suggested those ugly support hose?

    1. It's basically the same concept as the stockings you're referring to. If you wanna give em a try I say go for it! At least compression socks come in all sorts of fun colors! Lol

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on compression sleeve usage.

  5. I also bought a pair're looking for compression stockings to feel comfortable while jogging.But I do not know the product is good and it is beneficial for both my heels.

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  7. They fit as advertised, very breathable, and customer service was great (they emailed me to let me know the product was shipped and sent directions for use/care, and then followed up to ensure I was happy with the product.

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