Five Things Friday

  Runners are typically creatures of habit.  It comes with the territory.  We know what helps us run better/faster, and we have to adopt a routine to fit the miles into the normal grind of everyday life. 
  So in anticipation of tomorrow's long run (22 miles... cross your fingers this tendonitis doesn't hold me back!), I thought I'd list the "five things" I always include as part of my long-run routine.
1.  Overnight Oats
    I've mentioned before how much I love this for breakfast these days. And I've found I do much better on my really long runs if I've eaten enough to sustain me for a while (but not TOO much of course).  Overnight Oats are just right and I love the variety they can offer as well.

2.  Rolling/Stretching
   I always try to "work out the kinks" the night before my big runs.  I use a foam roller to really loosen up my angry IT Band and do a couple of downward dogs for my screaming hammies.  If I'm having any other problem areas I'll add in a few other stretches that target those specific trouble spots. 

3.  A good night's sleep
Probably one of the most important. Even if you're not planning on running the moment you get out of bed, it's still ideal to get as much rest as possible. If you don't have the energy, you'll start making excuses and may give up early! I shoot for 8 hours and save any "partying" for the night AFTER. I may be super sore, but what better reason to celebrate than completing a tough run?!

4.  My music
 Some races don't allow ipods, etc on the course... but the majority tell you to use at your own risk.  As long as you can still hear what's going on around you, it should be okay to rock out to some tunes when out pounding the pavement.  I have a wide-variety of music on my phone that I listen to on the run.  Also, having my phone with me comes in handy in case of an emergency when I'm so far out from home.

5. Water/Fuel Belt
   I know some runners that refuse to carry any sort of water on the run.  I on the other hand, don't like to run without any water.  Even if there are water fountains on my route, I'll just take a small hand bottle or my fuel belt.  If there aren't any water stops, I'll take a camelbak to make sure I have enough.  Ever since getting lost on a desert run without any water... I always make sure I have more than enough now. LOL.

Any of these part of YOUR routine?  What's one thing you HAVE to do before heading out on a long run? Comment below, I'd love to hear em!


  1. I really should make stretching Friday nights a part of my routine! Thanks for pointing out that one to me. Maybe that will help me in the long run. :)

  2. My Friday night stretching really helped "delay" my pains much later on my 22-miler Saturday. The cramps are gunna happen but I'll choose later rather than early in the run any day! Lol


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