New Adventures on the Horizon

Yes, it's ANOTHER Big Announcement. 
But I'm very excited to share this one with you... 
I've accepted a NEW JOB!  

You may remember my first big announcement when I lost my job (the back story HERE) and I decided to use the opportunity to chase after my dream, of being a Marketing Manager in the running industry. I've been craving for years to combine my passion with my day job. So I started that path to achieve my dream when I was hired on at Fleet Feet Sports Scottsdale.  

I have LOVED working at Fleet Feet Scottsdale, it's been an amazing experience. I can't stress enough how great it's been and I've learned so much in just the few short months I've been there. But when the opportunity presented itself to join a great local racing company (that I've already been working with part time), I decided to pursue it. 

And I'm excited to announce I've been accepted as the new Marketing Manager of Gemini Virgo Productions! They have a wide variety of races from Marathons to 5ks in multiple states. I'll have the opportunity to help these races grow, travel, and work with a company that I've grown to love.

What's so special about Gemini Virgo Productions (GVP)? They fall in line with my own "personal brand": helping anyone become a runner, no matter what they're ability, age, or experience. Instead of just focusing on competitive runners (although there are definitely options for those who want a challenge), GVP brings in new runners, like first time marathoners and family-friendly events like kids runs. 

Photos from just one GVP's race, Angel Fire Adventure!
Plus, each event has strong charity roots and I love working with events that benefit great causes for local communities. I strongly believe GVP and I fit together perfectly and we'll each grow together in the journey ahead! 

While I will miss the people at Fleet Feet Scottsdale (I'll be back to run with them for sure!), I'm extremely excited for what the future holds for me. It's going to be a challenge, but one that I will enjoy tackling! And an office in downtown Phoenix Cityscape sure doesn't hurt. ;) 

Join me in my journey by following my day job at any or all of the following accounts! :) Got a question about one of our races, shoot me a message! 

GVP Twitter: @GVPruns
GVP Instagram: @gvpruns

Phoenix Marathon Twitter: @PhxRisingRun
Phoenix 5k/10k Twitter: @NicksRunAZ
Vegas Race Twitter: @SinCityRun
New Mexico Race Twitter: @AngelFireRun


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