We're a Buff Household: Full Buff Review

Disclaimer: I received the UV Full Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

Once I had tried the UV Half Buff, I knew I not only wanted to try the FULL Buff, but that I also wanted to get one for my pups. BibRave was gracious enough to hook me up with both! Why was I so excited to become a "Buff Household"? I break it all down in this review. 

So you're probably wondering, "What's a Buff?". It's a multi-functional head and neck wear. It's made of super thin yet durable fabric, created through a special knitting process that uses 100% polyester yarn called "microfiber". The pores on the outside of the Buff are so small that water and wind can't get inside, while at the same time the inside surface is big enough to make it highly breathable. (Click HERE for more FAQs on the Original Buff).

Buff head wear in general has tons of uses, from UV Sun Protection, Staying Cool, Keeping Warm, and even as an Insect Shield! Check out this chart for the full breakdown of each Buff product and it's uses. 
Click to enlarge
You may also be wondering what's the difference between the "Half Buff" and "Original Full Buff"? It all comes down to the variety of ways you can wear it. Half is less fabric, and so there only a dozen ways to sport your Buff. Versus the seemingly endless variety of uses of the Full Buff. 


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to use your Buff, but there are three MAIN ways I use mine.

Dipping my Buff in cool water (or even wrapping ice cubes up in the fabric) and wearing it around my neck is an amazing way to keep cool while out on a hot run. The cold water dripping down my neck gives me those "feels so good goosebumps"! Running in the desert and triple digit heat, I needed something to keep my body temperature down as long as possible and the Original Buff is the perfect tool for that.  

The UV Half Buff is also a great for this, but more fabric means the Original Buff takes a little longer to dry (still dries super fast), and there's also more room for ice cubes and long-lasting cool factor! 

This is also why I wanted some Dog Buffs! My pups always want to spend some time outside playing, and my Janie loves running with me, but sometimes the heat is just too much. Using the Buffs, I can at least rest-assured that while they are outside, I'm doing everything in my power to keep them comfortable. :)

Janie loves wearing her to stay cool when we run!
The best part of the Buff, when you get tired of using it one way, you can very quickly and easily change uses and position! When my Buff dries and it's no longer keeping me cool, I just move it up to my forehead to keep soak up the sweat. It stops sweat better than any headsweats head wear or anything else I've worn. 

It's Phoenix. We have Dust Storms. Even if you're not running through the actual dust cloud itself, there's still risks of running when all that is blowing through the air miles away. The Buff actually allows me to continue running through even the thickest dust clouds. Super breathable, comfortable and the ultimate protection.

Pretty typical AZ Haboob. Courtesy: Facebook/KPHO

And it's not just HABOOBS that the Buff protects from. When running Hood to Coast, I ran on dirt roads with traffic moving along right next to me. My Buff helped protect me from vehicle exhaust and blowing dirt. Was an amazing asset to have! 

All in all, I have to highly recommend a Buff. I couldn't be happier to now be a "Buff Household".

Plus, they're extremely affordable! This particular model I'm wearing is only $20. And I've even got a discount code you can use! Use "BIBRAVE10" for 10% off your first order. And don't forget one for your pup! :D (Discount expires 9/31)

Have any additional questions about the Buff? Feel free to ask anything you'd like in the comments below and if I don't know the answer, I will find it for you! Thanks for reading and Happy Running!


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