Beating the Heat with BUFF: Review & Discount

Disclaimer: I received the UV Half Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.

What exactly is a Buff? Isn't it geared more towards women? How can it help running in hot weather? Why is it better than a hat/visor? I asked all these same questions, but after putting the UV Half Buff to the test, I now have the answers!  

What IS a Buff?
A Buff is essentially a tubular, multi-functional "headwear". It's made of super light weight fabric, moisture-wicking and dries incredibly fast. There are tons of models, designs, and uses for each one.   The particular model I tried out, the "UV Half Buff", offers sun protection and is shorter than the "Original".  For a quick preview of all the Buff models and uses, check out this youtube video.

Isn't it geared towards women?
You'd be surprised the amount of elite runners and, in particularly ULTRA runners who swear by their Buffs! I actually first heard about it through a few of the male ultra runners I follow on social media. So I've never even really considered it anything but a unisex product. Nevertheless, they DO have separate male/female sections on the Buff Website, with the only difference being designs.

A twitter "Buff-Off"! Check out the full exchange HERE.
Photo Courtesy: Angie Maske-Berka

How is it different from a hat/visor?

There are so many different uses for the Buff (see above video for all the different ways to wear them). Keeping sweat out of your eyes of course, but also warding off sunburn on your ears, securing headphones in place, under your bike helmet, and so much more. My favorite use for it? A way to keep cool on the hot, summer runs!

Beating the Heat
I love dipping my Buff in cold water and wearing it around my neck when I'm headed out for a run in the desert's triple digit heat. I've also wrapped up some ice cubes in it before. Having that cool water drip down my neck helps keep me cool longer, and it dries super fast. I've even used my water bottles to re-soak it during a long run.

After it dries, If I start dripping with sweat, I just move it up to my forehead to wick away the sweat. The Buff definitely is multi-functional in that aspect.

How is the UV Half Different from the Original?
It's all about the "multi-functionality". The Original Buff has more material, so offers a wider variety of uses. The Original also can be used when it's colder to close off that gap between your neck and jacket where the wind sneaks in, and even over your mouth for warmth or to keep out dust.

Buffs for Your Dog
They have Buff's for PETS! That's right, Buff's for your dog! Okay, so Janie is just wearing MY Buff, but now that I know it can help keep ME cool, I totally want to get one specifically designed for her so she'll stay cool on our runs together as well.

Overall Thoughts
I loved my UV Half Buff and it's now my go-to product for hot weather running. As mentioned above, I totally want one for my pup too. I highly recommend any Buff product. If you're looking for more functionality that you can use year-round I would definitely consider the Original. 

You can use "BIBRAVE10" for 10% off your first Buff purchase. Have more questions? Follow Buff on Social Media! They are VERY active on all social media platforms and always welcome any feedback/questions. 

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  1. Great post. I love the cold water / ice trick. Plan to use next time I have a hot daytime run. Most of mine have been really early or late recently.


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