Getting My Endurance Back with the Orange Mud Endurance Pack

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When working out in 108-118 degree weather... staying hydrated is extremely important and always top of mind. But when it comes to a hydration pack, we all want so many things. I put the Orange Mud Endurance Pack to the test and see if it has everything I am looking for! 

I've slowly started to train again. I have the Road Runner Sports Craft Classic Half-Phoenix coming up in October. But I've been doing a lot of cross-training and other workouts as well. The majority of those workouts are all outdoors. In the middle of the summer. In the dessert. So needless to's HOT! 

For hydration, I've used my Orange Mud Vest Pack  for the past 2.5 years. And couldn't love it more. To be honest, I thought I wouldn't go back to a bladder pack again! But when Orange Mud released the Endurance Pack, I figured, okay, they may convince me. And convince me they did! 

Most bladder or hydration packs have the essentials. But Orange Mud always goes above and beyond with their products. Especially when it comes to durability, comfort, and adjustability. Before I get into the reasons why the Orange Mud Endurance Pack is so different, let me give you a brief view of the extra effort Orange Mud puts into customer service.

Facebook Confirmation when you order! 
When you order from Orange Mud, you don't just receive your standard confirmation email. You get your confirmation, a personalized thank you from the founder himself, and even a facebook message with updates on your order! Josh, the CEO and founder, even went the extra mile to write us a personal note about the Endurance Pack with details on how to clean the bladder, adjust the straps, and more. 

Now, why the Orange Mud Endurance Pack. First the basics: it comes with a 2liter bladder, chest straps, and storage compartments. The 2liter bladder is just the right size for long runs, to bike rides, to day hikes. Summer Training Tip: I like to add ice cubes to mine to keep the water cold throughout my workout. 

Now those are the basics that most bladder packs can promise. But Orange Mud brings a lot more to the table than that. 


As you know, we runners come in many shapes and sizes. One of my favorite things about Orange Mud products is the many ways to fit the packs to *you*. The Endurance Pack has multiple anchor points for you to tighten or loosen. 

The chest straps can also be unclipped and moved up or down, depending on how high or low you like the straps. I even did it myself. Super easy to do! 

The hose also comes long.  This way it's never too short. If you're biking, you might want the hose longer. Running, you'd want it shorter. So you can cut the hose to the size you'd like. I was nervous at first slicing it, but it turned out to be super easy.


I'm a pack rat by nature. And especially when I run. I take my keys, phone, gels, bars, etc all with me on my run. The Orange Mud Endurance Pack is far from lacking in storage! 

Large Cargo zippered pocket on back of pack
Additional cargo department between bladder and back pocket

*4* Storage pockets on the front. 2 on the chest. 2 on the shoulder.
Summer Training Tip: Want a way to carry extra water or maybe separate electrolytes? Check out the soft flask from Orange Mud! A perfect accessory to add to your Endurance Pack. 


Orange Mud products have always been super comfortable on me. And the Endurance Pack is no exception.  This pack is made with a very durable mesh (remember when I said my other pack has been around for 2.5 years!) and is designed for endurance.

Built to last!
It's stretchy so there's a lot of give and it's very breathable. Yes, there was some sweat from my running in 108 degree temps, but it wasn't soaking up as much sweat as you'd think. And I never chafed where the pack sat on my back.


I wanted to briefly address the price. The Orange Mud Endurance Pack runs roughly $135. And I know, I get it, that may be a sticker shock to some of you used to shopping on amazon for an affordable camel back.

But hear me when I tell you, it's all about the quality and *investment* when you buy Orange Mud. You'll spend anywhere from $115-$140 for a pair of running shoes that will last you, what 3-4 months? Where as Orange Mud packs last way longer. You may have to replace the bladder after a while if you don't clean it often, but other than that, you're making a solid investment in something you won't have to replace for quite some time.

That being said, you can **SAVE 15%** On Orange Mud with discount code "BibRAVE15"! 


Overall, this is a great pack and fits so many shapes, sizes, and needs! Whether you're a casual hiker, a serious runner, or hardcore athlete, the Orange Mud Endurance Pack is *the* pack to keep you hydrated not just during the summer.. but year round. 

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