Perfomance Shades. Intense Style: XX2i Australia1 Review

“Disclaimer: I received a free pair of XX2i Australia1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Shades are important in the desert. And the proper pair are just as important as the right pair of shoes. I put the XX2i Australia1 Performance sunglasses to the summer test! 

You may remember be trying out the XX2i France2 glasses (check out that review here). The France2 were great for everything from a run to to being stylish at work. And I still wear them for everyday use. But I would consider the Australia1 the better fit for a more intense workout/run. 

The fit of the Australia1 are much tighter and sit closer on the face, which I like. It helps keep the sweat from dripping into my eyes. It also helps when I'm doing spartan training or other workouts with explosive moves, etc. Couple that with their super light weight and sleek design, I always feel cool and stylin' on my run. That may not help the feet go faster, but self-confidence can go a long way.

I also love that they come with a strap for when I'm running the trails. I've had my shades fall off and somehow disappear within the rocks. So the strap is an extra security blanket for me. And it would come in handy for cyclists as well.

Let's break down the Pro and Cons about the XX2i Australia1's. 


  • The XX2i Australia1's are available with prescription lenses! So if you're looking to incorporate your prescription lenses into some stylin' shades, I highly recommend XX2i. 
  • XX2i sunglasses also always come with some very useful accessories. The Australia1 come with a removable padded insert to for extra protection from the elements and extra comfort, an interchangeable strap for extra intense activities, a cloth bag that can double as a cleaning cloth, and a soft-shell case for storage. 

Warranty/Return Policy
XX2i has a warranty and return policy unlike one I've ever seen for sunglasses!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY. No questions asked, you break or scratch them, send them back to be replaced. (shipping fee required)
  • 365 DAY RETURN POLICY. A full year to get comfortable with the XX2i sunglasses. You can send them back for a full refund within that year. (shipping fee required)

Noteworthy features
  • Lightweight, durable frame
  • Polarized lenses/8k optical technology 
Glasses with the removable padded insert attached
I don't have any real cons for the XX2i Australia1 sunglasses. However, I did run with the removable padded insert and didn't really enjoy it. They didn't add any extra weight, but made them feel slightly bulky. However, I'm running in 105-110 degree weather, so I don't need the extra protection from the elements. I feel like those who deal with cold winds, ice, etc might very much enjoy this accessory. 

I highly recommend any of the XX2i performance sunglasses. For endurance runners or for intense activities where you will be sweating and doing explosive movements, I recommend the XX2i Australia1 sunglasses.

The XX2i Australia1s run for about $125. But thanks to BibRave, you can get a pair of XX2i shades for HALF OFF! That's right, 50% off! Just use code "XX2iRocks" at checkout. 

Looking for more information on the XX2i Australia1s? Check out the article on InvisionMag here or check out yours truly in the XX2i blog post here. You can also read other fellow BibRave Pros reviews below! 

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