Cooking Confessions Not Confections

In an effort to make 2014 my year of running better, I want to start EATING better and healthier.  I need to fuel my runs with something other than tons of coffee and peanut butter soaked bagels (wheat bagels...I mean, come on, that's healthy right?!)

  One of my passions, besides running, is cooking.. baking... and of course, eating everything I make.  Although my skills typically are in candy, cookies, and other sweet confections.  Albeit awesome, I figured if I want to ever SEE my abs... I'd better add some healthier options to my skill set.
  So for Christmas this year, I received the Runners World Cookbook.  I've started cooking from it and so far, I love it!

  Now, I know that these days you can pull any recipe you want from online, but there's just something about having the tangible pages to turn and flip through that takes me back to cooking in the kitchen with my mom or grandmother.
  Today, I made corn tortillas with fig jam, apples, meat and cheese.  They were delicious! Of course, I still had my coffee. That's something I should save for AFTER my run, but until I find a better caffeine alternative, I'll have to deal with the pre-run "warm up" sprints to the bathroom!  (poop jokes... I've got plenty!)

  Nonetheless, My 4-mile run later felt strong and I could have gone faster and longer, if it weren't for the looming 16-mile long run on tomorrow's agenda.  All thanks to my hearty breakfast!
  I'll keep you posted on how the cooking goes.. as well as this weekend's grueling long run!  Wish me luck and I hope your run this weekend goes great as well! Thanks for reading!


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