Phoenix Half Marathon Recap: 13.1 Reasons To Run this Race!

I wasn't on my selfie A-game for this race. 
So how do I tell my Phoenix Marathon  story? How about 13.1 things that make this race really stand out! Think it can't be done? Read on!

Before I give you 13.1 unique reasons to run the Phoenix Marathon, a quick recap of the excitement around race weekend! I met some amazing social media runners and online community super stars.  Carlee McDot, Pavement Runner, Pointonemiles, The Athletarian, Boston Bound Dad, Running with SD Mom, Kaella On The Run and SO many more!

It was great meeting these awesome runners, and seeing them cross the finish line (they all did the full, while I only ran the half). Their presence really helped add to the excitement around this awesome race.  And of course, having my close #RunEatTweetAZ friends running as well was the icing on the race weekend cake!

Plus, a HUGE shoutout to Zucchini Runner for being my unintentional pacer for the first 6 miles.  If it wasn't for her, I'd have slowed down for sure!

While I didn't PR on this race, the flat course and cool weather really helped me finish strong despite injury. And I know that had I been on top of my game, I'd have scored that elusive 1:30 goal! 

Now, why should YOU run the Phoenix Marathon?  
Here's my 13.1 reasons to give it a go!

1.) The SWAG
I know most races have pretty sweet shirts, but how about an awesome shirt AND some sweet arm warmers! Trust me, even in AZ these come in handy!

Courtesy: Instagram: @VK_DAVIES

2.) The Social Media Interaction
The Phoenix Marathon has always had great social media interaction around it. Not just from all the big time bloggers and social media runners involved, but ALSO they are constantly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram interacting with everyone from past participants to future prospects.  You can always send them a question/tweet out asking for advice, and they'll be sure to respond.
Courtesy: Instagram: @phxmarathon

3.) The Start
How many races do you get a FIREWORKS show before you start? (that is, besides the Disney Races?) Also, heaters for AZ runners who get cold easily. I never got that "nervous" feeling with runners darting around warming up and stretching. Instead, it was more of a laid back party with a looming "long run" around the corner.

4.) The Weather
The weather was chilly, but only because of the breeze. And that's "chilly" coming from someone who lives in AZ. Nevertheless, the rain held off and it was the perfect for running. I never got too warm and didn't feel cold until after I'd finished. But I always take advantage of the drop bags, and have a warm sweater waiting for me to change into.

5.) The Course
One word: FLAT! The Full Marathon course is downhill, but the Half-Marathon course is just plain flat. But that allows for some great PR goals and easy to run even if you're training fell short or you're recovering from injury.

6.) The Volunteers
The Volunteers were amazing! How many do you know that would dress up in full iron man costumes and school mascots? Besides Disney that is.  Nevertheless they really new how to keep you pumped between each aide station!
HAD to stop for at least one selfie when I saw IronMan passing out bananas!
7.) The Cheer Squad
Many of the aide stations were manned by different high schools and non-profits. And this race allowed participants to VOTE on their favorite aide station. and the winning high school or organization received money to help towards various programs. What an awesome give-back to volunteers!

8.) The Motivation
Besides the tons of cheering crowds with awesome signs...
Courtesy: Instagram: @phxmarathon
There were also quotes/motivation from various people on twitter that Phoenix Marathon printed onto signs and posted along the way! Pretty different and fun to see those on the course AND goes back to how socially interactive this race really is.

9.) The Finish

The Finish was complete with all the normal food and beverages for finishers... but what set the Phoenix Marathon apart was the food trucks and LOCAL vendors!  I had to at least help myself to some chocolate cake from a local bakery. :) Plus, there were FREE massages... but I opted for a date with my roller at home.
Besides the food, music, there of course was the excitement! Noone was booking it to get out of the finish chute or being rushed out... instead we were all rejoicing over our finishes with hugs, pics, and high fives.

10.) The Bling
The Bling is always awesome at the Phoenix Marathon. Unique, and local. Plus, the year was in roman numerals. I don't know why, but I really loved that.
But NEXT year is when the bling hunt REALLY takes off! See that sign beside me? For the next five years, the finish medals will look like that... collect all five and it'll make a huge #copperstar!

11.) The Cause
Now, ALL races have a great cause... but I do love the ones that I know will go right back into my own local community. The Phoenix Marathon Foundation provides scholarship funds for Arizona high school students "in running related athletics". Great cause!

12.) The Family Fun
After many had already finished, there was a FREE Kids Fun Run and a lot of friends had their children run it.  This was a great way to involve runners AND their children. I know some races have these but they're not always free!

13.) The Price
Compared to a lot of other races out there.. this one definitely has bang for the buck! Check out the pricing below!

13.1) The Runners
Okay, so ALL races have runners... and runners are just awesome. So that's not really anything unique. But that's also why it's only "point one". ;)  I do have to say, I met some amazing runners, and made some new friends. So The Phoenix Marathon definitely delivered a crew of awesome runners of all shapes, sizes, and levels. And I was proud to be running among them!

All in all the Phoenix Marathon was a success. I highly recommend running it and even making it a regular on your racing calendar! Did you run it this year? What did you think? Did I leave anything out?


  1. Was totally thinking of doing a similar post but you pretty much nailed it!!! :D

    1. Thanks Helly! So sorry about your DNF, but I know it's what's going to turn you into a running MACHINE in the near future! :)

  2. So so so happy I finally met you in real life! Now we can be real Besties!

    1. Me Too! Can't wait for our next race together! :)

  3. Great points! There were some definite pluses to running this race. I have a feeling I'll be back to run it again. I kind of want that copper star.

    1. I totally want that star! LOL. But that's a 5 year dedication right there!

  4. Great recap. I can't believe so many of you were in one place at the same time! Gah!! Will y'all run it again next year so I can join?! :)

    1. I'm sure we will Rachel. Would love to have you join us in the Adventure for the #copperstar! :)

  5. Sounds like a great race! Glad you were able to finish strong! The Honolulu Marathon had fireworks at the beginning and it was awesome!

  6. Sounds like a great race and a fun group!

  7. Loved the 13.1 awesome things about this race! It was great having a running buddy for the first half - we totally need to train for a PR! :)

  8. In love with this race and fun time hanging with you and the gang, till next time Jeremy!! :)

  9. Wow. Looks & sounds like an awesome race!!! I'm a little jealous :-)


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