Running Adventures Recap

I've had some amazing adventures this past year. Making it a pretty tough year to beat. But I'm going to do my best to try!

In 2017 I took an EPIC adventure to England to run the fells.

I completed my first Spartan Trifecta.

I started teaching cycling classes at CycleBar.

I ran some amazing races. Made some incredible memories.

And all with a very special someone at my side. ;) Jason and I are celebrating one year this weekend! With a long run in Sedona of course.

So how will I top all of that in the coming year? It's a tough one for sure. But I believe it can be done!  In 2018 I hope to complete not just ONE ultra, but at the very least TWO ultra marathons! I'm currently training for one now, coming up very soon. 

My next goal is to work on my Marathon PR, and my overall health in general. All in all that's enough in itself. But there will also be many more opportunities for a spontaneous adventure, a new challenge, or new race. 

I will continue to purse my next Spartan Trifecta and working on my OCR skills as well. 

I commit to explore new trails. Run with new and old friends. Meet new people. And always seek out new experiences. 

It's going to be a fantastic year. I can feel it. And I believe it will be a great year for YOU as well! The next 365 days are a clean slate, waiting for you to make of them what you will. 

So what are YOU commiting to for 2018? What's on your list for the coming year?


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! You've run in some beautiful locations :-)

    I'm committing to my first 50km ultra trail this year. Will be excited to read about your ultra's & training for same! Happy New Year.


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