Slowly Making My Comeback

Been a while since I last posted. Lately my schedule has been busier than ever. But all for great reasons. And I'm finally settling in to some big challenges ahead.

I recently moved right next to some of my favorite Phoenix trails at South Mountain Pima Canyon. Having immediate access to a variety of different trails has been amazing! Beginning in June, I will be upping my mileage and having the challenge of the technical trails to add into the mix will really help bring my training to a new level. I've never been more excited to run in the Arizona summer!

I've also been teaching quite a few classes at both Cycle Ave in Gilbert and the Sweatshop on Central.  Tons of fun and great cross training for me.

Photo courtesy: Jared Seger Photography

Besides all of that, I've been trying to get in workouts where I can for all the races I have coming up.

First up, NEXT WEEKEND (😱) is Ragnar Trail Snowmass with Team Orange Mud. I'm both excited, and super nervous because I definitely don't feel ready. But tough challenging courses are always a great way to kick my butt in gear.... afterward. I just hope I still can carry my weight on the team!  Nevertheless, it's going to be a great race experience for sure.

Once Ragnar Trail Snowmass is done, it's time to really kick it into high gear. Here's what's next for my upcoming race schedule:

Lots of training ahead for me of all sorts. So it looks like my busy schedule won't really slow down anytime soon. However, is it crazy that I feel like I need to add something in September?! There ARE other races I could add in there... 🙊

We'll see how the next month or two goes before I add more races on to my plate. If all goes well I'd like to add in at least some more local trail races. I definitely feel like I've taken a little too much time off and need to get back to training harder. But I do feel the time off has been pretty beneficial and much needed.

I'm extremely excited for my next ultra and really feel that is where I will begin to really focus on for next year. Have a favorite ultra in your area? Shoot me a note in the comments below so I can look into it! 

What's on YOUR race schedule? Will you be training hard with me all summer or are you taking time off yourself? Whatever your summer looks like, thanks for reading and Happy Running!


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