Running Towards an Amazing 2015!

Instead of just listing my 2015 goals, I like to look back and the lessons learned in 2014 and how they'll help me and YOU become a stronger runner for the new year! 

Seems like I'm behind on all the resolutions and New Years posts. But I took a much needed holiday rest! I like to look at what I've learned throughout the year, instead of just listing my 2015 goals.  It not only helps me to be a better runner, but can also help YOU learn from some of my mistakes and my victories!

Me and Bart Yasso!
2014 was truly and amazing year for me! It was my first year of blogging and really getting involved in the social media world.  And I've loved every minute of it!  Here are just a few of the lessons I've learned along the way.


Whether it's an injury, a lack of motivation, or you just need some advice... your friends are the ultimate resource!  A huge setback from Plantar Fasciitis really got me down this year, but by leaning on my friends I really was able to pull myself up and out of the depression.


Don't have that many running friends in your community? Turn to the ONLINE running community!  On days that I needed reassurance that my injury wasn't the end of my running... or when I needed encouragement that I can and WILL finish my first Ultra.... I've turned to my twitter/instagram/FB followers and friends.  The instant responses and flood of positivity can really help give you the boost you need and keep you from a downward spiral.  Plus, I've learned a lot for the online running community!
Twitter, Instagram, etc isn't just a place for runners to brag about accomplishments or boast about their milestones. It's an amazing resource that brings runners from across the world together to learn from each and help one another. I strongly suggest using social media for it's full potential!


By getting involved with my local running community (creating #RunEatTweetAZ and building it) I've realized there are so many great events and groups that I didn't even know about! From small fun races to large events, it's why I'm dedicating my 2015 to staying local and really getting the most out of my city! Try searching online and asking your local running stores what groups and events they'd suggest. You'd be surprised what you might find!


I knew all the things I *should* be doing. Strength training. Stretching. Foam Rolling. But I let those things slip through the cracks and just focused on adding mileage. I added too much too soon and paid the price! My lesson learned there is to take things slow.  Build on your base, and take the time to add in cross-training, some stretching while watching TV, and foam roll before bed.  It sounds like a lot, but worth it to keep injuries at bay!

So what's on the table for me in 2015?  
  1. Complete my first Ultra marathon
  2. Run smaller local AZ races
  3. Get into the Chicago Marathon
  4. Build #RunEatTweetAZ
  5. Get more involved with my local running community
  6. Discover new trails, new friends, and new adventures! 

Now, what's on YOUR 2015 running plan? Or what's one big lesson that you learned this past year? Share your story with me below. I love to hear from you!


  1. I so hope we get into Chicago and represent #RunEatTweetAZ together!! :D

  2. Great post. And you are so correct. I spent so much of my time training and working out by myself in 2014, now that I am in the ;last 3 months of training for IM70.3Fl, I am joining cycling and running groups just to keep myself going.

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