Where Have I Been? Chasing New Opportunities

So my blog has been quiet as of late. There are now new races and new opportunities on the horizon and I've been busy keeping tabs on them all. Now I'm taking the time to share them with you! 

First off, as you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I've been accepted into the 2015 Nuun Hood to Coast Team!

Nuun Hydration has quickly become one of my passions and getting to run Hood to Coast has been on my bucket list for a while. Receiving the chance to combine both is an incredible opportunity and I  can't wait to bring you on that adventure with me!

Also, something very few know, I've been brought on as a Nuun Hydration Specialist for my region. Basically, an extreme part-time sales rep for the company. I've already appeared at my first event at REI-Tempe, talking to customers about Nuun. It's nothing huge for now, but great experience and getting my face out there more in the running community and a "foot in the door" career-wise. ;-)

Speaking of beefing up my "running-related" resume.. I've been hired on as a part-time social media consultant for Gemini-Virgo Productions! They are a great new company and have two inaugural races this year, the Angel Fire Adventure Marathon and Phoenix Rising Marathon.  

I'll be helping to create a social media strategy for these races and be responsible for getting YOU to like/follow us. (wink wink ;) )  
You can check us out on twitter too :

It's all part-time, but it's also small steps on a career path that combines both my passion and my skills. Where it will lead I'm not quite sure yet, but doors are opening and that's a start! It will take a lot of work, but I'll get there!

So I'm staying busy, and wearing many many hats... but that just means there will also be twice as many adventures to share with YOU!

Tell me, if you could choose ONE running-related company to work for, WHO would it be and WHY? Share your dream job in the comments with me below! :)


  1. Way to go Jeremy! Hood to Coast will be AMAZING!

  2. I love Nuun as well! Would love to do a part time gig with them! And super jealous of Hood to Coast, definitely on my bucket list too! #nuunbassador #nuunlife


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