Ragnar Training Tips

Friends and followers new to Ragnar Relay have asked me "how do you train" for one? I'm sharing what advice I have for those looking to either run their first Ragnar Relay, or bring their A-Game come race day!

Crossing the finish of Ragnar Relay SoCal with my ULTRA team.

Now, there are plenty of runners who are more of a "Ragnar Veteran" than I am.  I've done a few (both road and trail) but that doesn't make me an expert. I can't give you a 100% guaranteed workout plan to prepare you. But what I can do is share with you how I train for Ragnar. 

Before my first leg at Ragnar Trail Relay-Snowmass

Currently, I'm training for Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back. It's the first ever Ragnar, the "race that started it all"! And I'll be conquering all 200(ish) miles with Team Nuun. I want to make sure I'm fully trained, ready to tackle the miles, so I can enjoy the race with my new friends and not worry about finishing my next leg. 

So here's the breakdown of My Ragnar Training Tips:
  • Know your course, know your legs.  Once your team is assigned and everyone knows which legs they'll be running, get familiar with what's ahead for you individually and train accordingly. Example: If you've got a lot of hills on your legs, better get some hill training in. Training for a Ragnar Trail? Better hit some trails in your area!
  • "Daily Doubles".  I consider this the most important. The biggest "obstacle" in an overnight relay like Ragnar is learning to run on tired legs. Now, that doesn't mean go out and run 10 miles twice a day. Instead, I work in two small runs over 24 hours once a week. That can be anywhere from 2-5 miles (depending on your fitness level).  Currently, thanks to my online coach from SweatTracker, I've began upping my "daily doubles" to twice a week. But I don't suggest that for someone who's new to Ragnar. You should slowly integrate your "daily doubles" without burning out entirely. 
  • Test Your Nutrition.  Take the time to test out which drinks, bars, gels, etc work for you in between your "daily doubles".  Keep in mind, when you're in the van, you won't necessarily have access to all the foods you do on a regular basis. So test out the easily-portable foods you plan to bring with you. Think those Cliff bars will be enough? Think again! After my first Ragnar I didn't want to see another bar again. So it's a good idea to have various options available so you have variety and are getting the fuel you need at the same time. 
Those are my specific training tips for Ragnar. Keep in mind, everyone is different and everyone has their own level of training. But if you follow these 3 tips, as well as your normal running routine, you're going to do GREAT! 

You can also check out this Ragnar Training Plan if you want a more clear-cut plan to follow. I hope these tips help convince you to run a Ragnar and ensure an amazing adventure ahead!  

For a look back at my latest Ragnar Experience Click HERE and HERE. 

Thanks for reading and happy running!


  1. Great tips! It's been my dream to run a Ragnar...maybe next year! I do wonder how the fueling works when you're in a van all day....sounds like such a great challenge! Good luck on your training!

  2. I haven't done a road relay in years! Good luck at Wasatch Back. :)


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