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Ragnar Wasatch Back is a week away! I've got to pack light, but can't forget my fuel. So what made the cut? I break down my favorite five things I'll be using to fuel my 24-hour relay!

Running Ragnar Wasatch Back is not just an exciting adventure because it's the ORIGINAL Ragnar Relay, but also I'll be running with Team Nuun! Some amazing athletes that I'm betting have their fuel on point. And as anyone who has ever done a relay race knows, fueling in between your runs is crucial, but you have to be careful not to over do it. And you've got limited space!  So to bring my A-game, here's what's going into my bag and why.

                                                           I recently tried these thanks to #RunEatTweetAZ. (I'll have a FULL review and giveaway on these coming very soon.)  They're clean fuel with natural ingredients. I've honestly never sought out those kinds of foods and fuels. But as I mature as a runner, I've realized the benefit AND how much better I perform when I have the right kind of fuel. These things are chewy, delicious, and pack just enough to deter early-onset rungry-ness! 

                                                      I'm a huge almond butter fan and eat the stuff right out the jar. Justin's is amazing and I knew from the start it would be by my side during Ragnar! For my full review on Justin's, you can check out my past review HERE.

I've been using the Honey Stinger Waffles since before I even started a blog. And ever since I found the Gingersnap flavor... there's always a box sitting in my pantry. A lot of times they will be my breakfast before running out the door. 

  Barnana is another tried and true healthy snack that I love. I have never found them in a store though until very recently. And when I spotted them on the shelves, I MAY have went a little overboard. LOL. They're packed full of dried bananas an potassium. Barnana will be my secret weapon during Ragnar for sure!

                                                            PLUS for Nuun has been one of my most recent fuel trials. (Review coming soon for this one too). Tabs just like Nuun, that dissolve in your water. They're flavorless, so you just add it to your favorite flavor of Nuun. PLUS has carbs and just about 45 calories... and completely easy on my sensitive stomach. And the fact that it's a liquid means I can take small sips as I need it for sustained energy and fuel. Safe to say this is defiantly going in my pack! 

So now that my fuel is set for Ragnar, it's time to start thinking what ELSE I should pack! Friends, what is one thing YOU always pack for a race (or in particular, a Ragnar)? What about fuel? Share your thoughts with me below, always love to hear them!


  1. That is an interesting line up and good information. I too like to natural if possible and have been struggling so I have to check out those gomacro bars. However, tomorrow I am doing something on my 80 mile cylce, I am taking chunks of sweet potato with me and hitting electrolytes with Hammer Enduralyte pills. It will be hot and interesting to say the least, but one must stay hydrated and fueled properly all the way. Thanks for the info and looking forward to more reviews.


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