CLIF's Organic Energy Food: Review & Giveaway

A savory option to those sugary gels... but do they WORK? What about the TASTE? Thanks to the #RunEatTweetAZ crew, I was able to take the new
 Organic Energy Food from Clif for test run!

For a while, I've been a fan of Clif products. And while I do love my GU energy gels, I've been searching for some alternatives to suit my sensitive stomach. So I was excited to try out this new Organic Energy Food.

A little background, here's what Clif has to say about this particular product:
"The next generation of sports nutrition. Inspired by the home recipes of Team Clif Bar athletes, each recipe is designed to provide endurance athletes with energy from real food ingredients like those they could find in their own kitchens, satisfying cravings for either real fruit or salty comfort food." 

They also boast that they are "made from real food ingredients, USDA Organic, Gluten Free, and Kosher." Sounds like the perfect invention! Every time I'm on my long runs and start feeling hungry, those gels and "bloks" sometimes just don't cut it.  Clif calls it "Palate Fatigue". Before investigating this product, I had no idea there was even a name for what I was feeling!

So it sounds great, but most important.. how's it taste? The Clif Organic Energy Food comes in 4 different flavors. 2 savory-Sweet Potato with Sea Salt and Pizza Margherita.  And there are 2 refreshing fruit-Banana Beet with Ginger and Banana Mango with Coconut

They put some thought into their flavors. Just sitting at home and sucking on one you might think (this is odd. not bad. just odd.) But I know when I'm out running my taste buds.. or essentially my palate... tends to change drastically. And when putting them to the test on the run, I realized my "running palate" found them tasty! Now, some of my #RunEatTweetAZ buds had they're favorites. But we all have different tastes. 

The "refreshing fruit" flavors were definitely my favorite. On the "savory" flavors, I actually liked the sweet potato with sea salt. Granted, just sitting there tasting it wasn't the best. But the saltiness and savory flavor really spoke to my tired and dehydrated on-the-run taste buds. The Pizza Margherita just wasn't for me. But I know some running friends enjoy it! 

A lot of people are horribly picky when it comes to texture. And I'll be upfront. The Clif Organic Energy Food has the consistency of either baby food or applesauce. So if that texture doesn't appeal to you, then you may not enjoy them. That being said, I actually enjoyed the texture. It made me feel like I was getting actual food down versus just another gel or juice. 

I believe these can really come in handy for those running marathons or any other really long distance. I highly recommend visiting a local running store and buying just one of each flavor to test out first. Then you can find the one you like best and order as many as you like as you need them. Here in Phoenix, I know you can find them at REI-Paradise Valley and Cadence Running Company

Alright. It's what you've ALL been waiting for... the giveaway!! Just visit the #RunEatTweetAZ Facebook Page, and find the graphic you see below to find out how to be entered. The deadline is Wed, July 22nd at Midnight. 

Connect with Clif:
Twitter: @clifbar
Instagram: @clifbarcompany

Thanks for reading. Tell me, have you ever tried these or wanted to try them? What flavor most interest you? 


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