Mobot-The Water Bottle/Foam Roller

It's a Water Bottle.. AND It's a Foam Roller. Color me intrigued! But how does the Mobot hold up when put to the test?

Disclaimer: I received a Mobot to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out  to find and write race reviews!

First off, what exactly is "Mobot"? Well, check out this video to see why I was so intrigued!


The moment I received my Mobot, I filled it up with water to start trying it out! It holds quite a lot of water actually, 40oz in fact! The only thing I noticed right off was that there was a straw you had to sip out of instead of a regular wide-mouth opening that I typically prefer.

However, I quickly got used to drinking from the straw and catching the eye of co-workers as I walked around with this grenade-looking thing! :) Speaking of, it's a good thing I didn't receive the camo-colored Mobot, because I took it along with me on my flight to Ragnar Relay-Wasatch Back trip! (Race Recap coming soon)  I was so worried my Mobot was going to send off the TSA alarms. I *WAS* pulled to the side, but because of my sunscreen.  Go figure!

Anyway, Mobot was the perfect and efficient tool for Ragnar. Saved space not having to bring a full-sized foam roller. And I was able to sit and wait with team mates while hydrating AND rolling out tight muscles in between our turn to run. Mobot, you should really have a booth at Ragnar Relays!

You can snag a Mobot yourself for about $40-$60, depending on the size you like. Plus, you can "custom-build" your own to an extend, and that's pretty sweet!

I would love it if the sides weren't so much soft foam and maybe a litter "harder" for a better deep-tissue massage when rolling, but that's just a personal preference. I still highly recommend one of these bad boys for the two-in-one convenience. They come in handy for relay races, but also for drop bags for your race for a quick roll-out before heading out for that celebratory beer, and the smaller Mobot would be the PERFECT stocking stuffer for a runner!

I'll definitely be using mine next month at Hood To Coast, and this time, I won't worry about TSA. If they do ask me questions about Mobot, I'll be ready to rave all about it.


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