Multiplying My Performance: My 2XU Experience (Review & Discount)

“Disclaimer: I received a free pair of 2XU MCS Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

You are probably overwhelmed with the amount of runner/bloggers who say "I love X product" because they received it for free. Or because they hope to sell it to you. But I can honestly say that I love 2XU so much, that I've since purchased numerous other 2XU products on my own! I've had over a month to test out 2XU for everything from recovery to enhancing my performance, and over that time I've truly believe I've found the compression that stands out above the rest.

Before I get into too much detail, get PUMPED about 2XU with this sweet video on their awesome compression. 


Got the adrenaline pumping yet? 2XU isn't just "cool" and "trendy".... it has totally helped me! The tights are amazing for everything from performance to recovery. I've been dealing with tendonitis for some time now, along with tightness in my calves and even piriformis (I'm a walking injury billboard!) But when I wear my 2XU tights... I feel stronger, less pain, and ready to tackle any challenge thrown my way.

I've tried plenty of other compression gear out there. While some have helped, none have compared to the performance I've experienced running and working out with 2XU.

Thanks to 2XU, I've tackled new PRs on the stairs....

Recovered quicker from tough workouts...

And pushed through tough challenges with friends! (Like the Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin)

I've tried running lately without my 2XU, and noticed a difference.  It's now became an essential piece of my running outfit. 

What's so special about "MCS" or "Muscle Containment Stamping"? It traces over key muscles, tendons and fascia groups for a more "targeted and effective" compression.

Sounds great. But how does it hold up? Perfectly! When I wear my tights, I feel the compression in the key areas I need it: the calves, the quads, the shins, and the hip abductors. You can even SEE the "Muscle Containment Stamping" when you look inside the tights.

"Muscle Containment Stamping" seen on inside of tights.

Not convinced that 2XU is right for you? Check out some fellow BibRavePros' 2XU Reviews:



Ready to take the 2XU plunge and see why we all rave about it? We #BibRavePros have your back! You can SAVE 20% with code "BIBRAVE20"! Doesn't have to be just tights either, use the discount on anything you like!

Remember when I said I've since purchased more 2XU? I've gotten a new shirt and hoodie (with the code above) More great gear. And I have a few more things on my Holiday Wishlist that will surely dress me head to toe in 2XUSetting me up for success in 2016!

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  1. I seriously can not get enough of these pants, I have lived in them the past few weeks!


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