Activating My "A Game" with the On Cloudsufers

Disclaimer: I received a pair of On Cloudserfers to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have always been super picky about shoes. I have become accustomed to wearing shoes I could simply "tolerate"... until now. Read on for why I have fallen in love with the innovative On Cloudsurfers
I want to be straight forward right off the bat: I received this pair of On Cloudsurfers for free, but not in exchange for a positive review. Only for an honest one. But I can honestly say that I have legit love mine. And will continue running in my Cloudsurfers long after this review is written.

I'll get into the technology and what makes On Cloudsurfers so unique, but first let me tell why I fell in love with my Cloudurfers.

I've tried minimalist shoes that feel incredible, but can only manage running so many miles before y feet get sore or hurting. I've tried the maximalist shoes, but couldn't get over the lack of responsiveness that my feet crave against the pavement or trails.  And minimal drop shoes just don't work well for me. So it seemed I was stuck with shoes that I felt "worked" but none that I loved. Enter On Running .

When I first received my On Cloudsurfers, I'll admit I was skeptical. All shoes seem to claim these days that they have the latest technology to help you run fast, run smarter, etc. So could these really live up to the hype?

I tried on my Cloudsurfers and found them extremely comfortable and lightweight. They also come in some incredibly awesome colors. The toe box was a roomier than I was used to, so at first they felt big. But the super thin tongue and soft mesh felt nice and the "clouds" on the bottom of the shoes were surprisingly un-noticeable after a few minutes. Walking around in them though they still felt big and I was still being skeptical. But all changed when I went for my first run.

During my first run I realized how On Cloudsurfers were so different! They felt like the perfect cross between a minimalist and a neutral shoe, without the problems I'd found in the others I'd tried. There was no block-like foam found in most of the shoes I'd run in. The Cloudsurfers felt like my minimalist shoes but with just the right cushion and support just where I needed it, nothing more. They were very responsive and I love that. And even they felt "big" while walking around, I barely noticed it on the run. The extra room in the toe box was perfect.

But okay, I get it, a few small runs is nothing. How about some LONG runs? I've since ran at least 4 double-digit runs in my Cloudsurfers and was pleasantly surprised. Any type of low-cushion or miminal shoe I've worn I don't last over 6-8 miles before my feet start getting sore. However, in my Cloudsurfers I felt like I was getting stronger with each mile vs weaker. I know, that sounds nuts, but as my feet got accustomed to the shoes, I feel like my turnover was getting smoother. I believe that's the Speedboard inside helping you roll through the foot's cycle quicker.  (see below for more info on that)

Great on pavement... but now what about the trails? Don't worry, I've got you covered there too! No issues what-so-ever. The Cloudsurfers were wonderful off-road! I've had people ask me if rocks would get stuck inside the "clouds" but not at all. I run a lot of trails and I never had any issues with that in my Cloudsurfers. I think one pebble got lodged briefly in between two at some point, but I didn't notice it for some time. And I've had that happen in my normal trail shoes plenty.

Since I've gotten my Cloudsurfers I've felt better after my runs, haven't had any issues with plantar fasciitis, and honestly feel they have put me on the path to get back to my running A game.

In total, I've put in almost 80 miles in my On Cloudsurfers and can't wait to put in 100s more. They really are amazing. I know you're probably wary of new shoes, and they might look "different". But once you go for a run in them, you'll definitley feel the difference in a good way.

Okay, now let's chat about On and it's innovate swiss-engineered technology. First off, notice the "O" in the On logo looks like the "on" power button on a computer.

There's a reason for that. The technology behind On is meant to turn "on" your muscles. Get it? Pretty clever.

The key difference in On's technology is the "Cloudtec". It's designed to have runners land soft, but push off hard-active cushioning only when you need it.  The vertical and horizontal movement on the outsole help absorb "shearing forces". Click the photo below to see it in action.

Another key piece of On technology includes the Speedboard in the midsole. The Speedboard is made of engineered plastic and promotes and active, natural rolling motion of the foot. Helping you roll quickly through the foot's cycle with quicker and smoother turnover.

Now there are quite a few different models offered from On. See the breakdown below for the cliffnotes on each model.

Cloud - Lightest cushioned running shoe on the market 
• Lightweight, flexible model with a customizable, slip-on lacing system
• Performance running shoe with crossover as a gym shoe / walking shoe
• “A lightweight shoe with LOTS of cushioning.”
• 6mm drop

Cloudracer – Lightweight performance trainer or racer 
• Low profile cloud elements for speed
• Speedboard quickly propels you through gait
• Translucent upper with overlays for structural support
•5mm drop

Cloudsurfer - Premium cushioned, neutral trainer
• Re-engineered outsole for premium cushioning, protection, and grip
• Speedboard promotes fast transition and propels you forward
• Engineered mesh upper for superior fit and breathability
• 7mm drop

Cloudster – Comfort trainer with 4-way stretch upper
• Outsole provides premium cushioning
• Upper made of Adaptive Fit, 4-way stretch material for wider fit in toe box
• 7mm drop

Cloudcruiser – Stabilty shoe for high-impact runners 
• High profile cloud elements provide excellent cushioning
• Wider cloud elements in heel provide bi-lateral stability
• Speedboard is thicker in the mid-foot to provide pronation/supination
• 7mm drop

Cloudflyer – Supremely cushioned, lightweight stability 
• Flexible stability shoe for over-pronators and neutral runners alike
• Wider platform outsole with medial cloud elements functioning as active
• Softer lateral cloud elements so over-pronator can ride along outside of shoe
• Star lacing system provides firm hold without pressure points
• 7mm drop

Depending on the model, a pair of On can run from $115-$160, which is pretty typical for a pair of good running shoes these days.

I can't tell you enough how much I recommend them! I'm also eagerly awaiting for On to release it's new trail running shoes sometime this summer. I will definitely be snagging a pair to take on some more off road adventures.

And don't just take my word for it, check out fellow BibRavePro Angie's review HERE. She's been running quite a few races in her On Cloudsurfers and can tell you how they've held up for her.

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  1. This is a great review! The Cloudsurfers look great on you. I think those would be my speed too. I've struggled with finding the right shoes and would like to have a pair that is neutral but a slightly lower drop than my usual pairs. I'll have to look into these!


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