Training for a B-day Relay with 2XU Sleeves & Socks!

Disclaimer: I received 2xu Performance Run Calf Sleeves and 2xu Vectr Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I had to change some plans around, only to have others fall into place. I'll be sending my 20's out with a BANG all thanks to my new 2XU
So what have I been up to? Well I had started training for the North Olympic Discovery Marathon with the BibRavePro crew.  ("BibRave16" for $5 off if you want to run this awesome race!) Well after some unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to travel to run this awesome Marathon. But I thrive on challenges. So what's a guy to do?

Well, my 30th Birthday is next month... and I wanted to do something special. So I decided to do a B-day Relay of sorts. 30 miles in 30 hours.  Send my 20s out in style! After all.. major milestones deserve to be celebrated with major miles!

Apparently I have a knack for finding crazy challenges. Remember my last one? My Double Challenge Turned Triple Threat? BibRave had hooked me up with some sweet 2XU gear to train for that running adventure (read more on that HERE).  So it's only natural that I would follow suit with another one after receiving some amazing new 2XU compression sleeves and 2XU VECTR Socks.

Why 2XU and why these pieces of gear? 

So I've always been a huge fan of 2XU compression, ever since I first tried the compression tights (more about that HERE). They've always fit me just right, with not too little compression but not too tight either. I'm the Goldilocks of compression gear... and 2XU is my perfect bowl of porridge.

The 2XU Performance Run Calf Sleeves fit me perfect and I prefer to wear them on the run. But they are absolutely amazing for recovery as well. When I run in them, my calves don't feel as tight, I get shin splints, less and just feel like I've got more juice in my legs! 

Check out this awesome video from 2XU on the Performance Run Calf Sleeves:

Even though I'm a huge fan of the 2XU compression, the VECTR socks have been on my list for a while as well. I like the extra heel tab to deter blisters where my shoe rubs, as well as lots of ventilation and compression for the right about of support for running.  

The two combined make for one amazing pair of gear perfect for my crazy training needs.

How they work together
I don't wear full compression socks in the summer. They get too hot and don't breath too well. I wear DO WEAR compression sleeves though so I still get the benefits of the compression on my runs. Though many can still be too thick or not enough compression. As mentioned, 2XU is just right.

Now, that means I still have to wear socks. But as we all know, socks are super important during long runs. Too much cushion soaks up sweat. Too small of a sock can lead to blisters where your shoe rubs. It can be a challenge to find the right one.

The 2XU VECTR socks have just the right amount of support, added compression, and ventilation. I love mine. Wearing them with my 2XU Performance Run Calf Sleeves is the perfect combination for my long runs.

I've been wearing mine on some back-to-back runs as I train for my big B-day Relay. On trails, on the road, and everything in between. I also even have been utilizing my new 2XU gear when I need to recovery from my long runs.  Great, comfy way to kick back and recover right.

I highly recommend getting a pair of each yourself. Plus there are TONS of awesome color combos available. Better yet... there's a 2XU discount code available too! Use TRAIN15 - good for 15% off - valid on full price products only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or offer. Expires end of April so don't miss out!

Now wish me luck on this crazy B-day Relay... although thanks to 2XU I'm confident I'll make it through to my 30's and on to the next big adventure!

Don't just take my word for it. Be sure to check out reviews from my fellow BibRavePros by clicking their photos below!



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