Cross-Training the Safe, Smart, and Sexy Way: My Rudy Project Sterling Helmet Review

Disclaimer: I received a Rudy Project Sterling Helmet-Limited Edition Fluo to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!
I'm working on running smarter, and stronger. So I have been cross-training to strengthen other muscles, and to change up my routine. Biking has been one of them. I wanted to stay safe on the trails, but looking sexy too doesn't hurt either . That's where my Rudy Project Sterling Helmet comes in! 
I've never been much of a road cyclist. But mountain biking has always been my thing. However, I am by no means an expert at it. What better way to get better at it, than to practice! So I've been hitting some popular mountain biking trails with friends to become the mountain biker/trail runner I know I can be! 

My mountain biking inspiration comes come a friend of mine who lives in Prescott, AZ. Amanda, aka @momwhotris, is an avid mountain biker and one awesome athlete.  And I know she uses a Rudy Project helmet as well. So I was super eager to give one a try myself in my efforts to be as awesome of a mountain biker as Amanda.

@momwhotris in her Rudy Project helmet
The Rudy Project helmet I received is the Sterling Limited Edition Fluo Helmet. Known for their super bright colors for added visibility, safety... and yeah... sexiness! 

I've worn clunky, cheap helmets before. I understand all helmets claim to keep you safe on both the roads and trails, but I've never gotten them to fit just right. And if a helmet doesn't fit right, a helmet isn't as safe as it should be. And that's what sets Rudy Project helmets apart from so many others. The ability to adjust the helmet in so many different ways to get not just the perfect fit, but also for ultimate comfort.

To put the Rudy Project Sterling Helmet to the test, fresh out of the box, I hit the trails at Papago Park here in Phoenix with fellow BibRave Pro, Emily. (Check out her review HERE). 

You'll notice Emily's helmet is bright orange, while mine is green. They have a variety of awesome, bright fluorescent colors to choose from. Besides amazing colors, the Rudy Project Sterling Helmet is extremely light, weighing only 310g. It's also extremely adjustable. The "RSR7 retention system"  on the back (or adjustment dial, I'll call it) allows for quick, on the fly adjustments to tighten or loosen as needed.

This helmet is so comfortable and light, it felt as if I wasn't wearing anything at all. Also, in triple digit heat, you'd think a helmet would get too hot and sweaty. Not this helmet! The 18-point ventilation system kept our heads cool so Emily and I both could both just enjoy being out on the trails and on our bikes as it should be. 

After that trip, my bike had a flat! Figures. But I took it in to have it fixed and hit the trails again. Few adjustments were needed, I just clipped in and was good to go! I felt so secure and snug in my helmet I found myself becoming more confident on the trails and wanting to actually begin commuting to work! 

It's been way too hot still here in Arizona, but I know I will definitley begin commuting to work when I can and feel safe (and sexy! :) ) on the road with my Rudy Project Sterling Helmet.

Now, there is still more you should know about this helmet. It also comes with removable bug netting, additional padding, and an add-on Eyeware Dock to hold your Rudy Project sunglasses as you're riding. It even comes with a sweet bag to store your helmet in so it doesn't get too beat up.

 Now, I understand there's a little sticker shock when it comes to the Rudy Project products. But trust me when I tell you they are a quality product worth the investment. Any Rudy Project item is going to be high-quality and you'll notice the difference. It's why so many great athletes use their gear.

The Rudy Project Sterling Helmet costs $274.99. However, if you sign up for their newsletter HERE, you'll receive not only 25% OFF your next purchase, but also get alerted for all of their holiday deals coming up soon! 

I highly recommend the Rudy Project Sterling Helmet for everyone from the causal cyclist to the seasoned triathlete. And speaking of "holiday deals", they would make a fantastic gift for any athlete you know! 

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  1. Took your bike in to have the flat fixed? Oh Jeremy, I'll help you! Fixing a flat is super empowering! :) I can't wait to hear more about your mountain biking adventures now that your bike is all tuned up and you have that great helmet!


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