Jumpstarting a Healthy Diet with Luvo

Disclaimer: I received a pack of Luvo Frozen Meals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

One of my largest issues holding me back from becoming a stronger athlete and reaching my fitness goals... is my diet! But leading a busy life and trying to do meal prep can be tough. Not to mention palate fatigue from the same old meals each day. So I was excited to see if Luvo meals could be the answer to my struggle. 
First off, what so special about Luvo? Let me break down what I discovered about Luvo and why I enjoyed their meals:
  • No plastic trays. All meals are packaged in a steam pouch that keep the meals fresh and tasty.
  • Each meal contains a full serving of produce.
  • All meals are under 500 calories.
  • Emphasis on whole grains.
  • Use meat and poultry raised with no antibiotics or hormones. 
  • They're easy on the sugar. Luvo takes pride in not adding tons of sugar just to make things taste good.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Less than 500mg of sodium per meal.
  • Non-GMO soy, corn, and canola. 
  • Vegetarian and Gluten Free options. 

Okay, so you're probably thinking, "that's great and all, but how do they TASTE?" One word answer for you: DELICIOUS! And the variety was just what I needed. Most frozen meals there are only 1-2 that I like and I get tired of eating the same ole thing over and over. Each Luvo meal, tasted different and flavorful. 
Check out the bright colors. No artificial colors, it's all the veggies! 
I honestly couldn't get enough of these. And I was incredibly surprised by the amount of flavor packed into these meals. If you like a little spice, they have meals with a little kick like the thai style green curry chicken or the quinoa and vegetable enchiladas. 

Say you don't like spicy, no worries, plenty of options. Here's a full list of the Luvo entrees (* indicates spicy):
  • Chicken Chorizo Chili*
  • Rosted Vegetable Lasagna
  • Chicken & Harissa Chickpeas
  • Turkey Vegetable Lasagna
  • Red Curry Chicken*
  • Chicken in BBQ Sauce
  • Turkey Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes
  • Thai Style Green Curry Chicken*
  • Tandori-Inspired Spiced Chicken
  • Spinach Ricotta Ravioli*
  • Quinoa & Vegetable Enchiladas*
  • Kale Ricotta Ravioli
  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta*
  • Orange Mango Chicken
  • Chicken Chile Verde

I really loved all of the ones I tried. My favorites were the Turkey Vegetable Lasagna, Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, and the Turkey Meatloaf. They were perfect meals to load up on carbs before my workouts and race the past few weekends. 

I really couldn't find one thing that I didn't like about Luvo. Except maybe that I just wanted MORE. But I also need to learn to handle my portion control better. LOL. 

I highly recommend Luvo. If your want convenience, taste, and a healthy meal... Luvo is definitely the way to go. In fact, I've already went out and purchased more! Luvo has helped jumpstart my healthier diet and I don't want to lose that momentum now. I can't wait to try them all! 

Great deals on Luvo at my local Safeway.
To find out where to purchase Luvo near you, check out their store locator HERE. Besides the Luvo entrees, they've also began to roll out new lines like breakfast meals, plant power bowls, and burritos. Be sure to check out their coupon/promotions page and download some discounts!

Out of all the social channels for a brand I've seen, I highly suggest following Luvo. They have healthy recipes, tips, and more besides just trying to sell their product. Really well-rounded content on their pages and I love checking them each day. 


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