Hands-Free Fun With My Pup On The Run: Stunt Puppy Leash Review

Disclaimer: I received a hands-free dog leash from Stunt Puppy to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Running with your dog can be a pain if you don't have the patience.. and the right gear! I was excited to give the Stunt Puppy hands-free "stunt runner" leash, as was my four-legged running partner Janie! 
Are you and your pup new to running together? Check out some tips on running with your dog I wrote over on the Orange Mud blog HERE. Me? I've been running Janie for quite some time. It took a lot of trial and error to learn what works best for both her and me. Hands-free leashes have definitley been the key to us running together easier.

I used to use a different hands-free leash when running with Janie and the leash was a little too long. When approaching dangerous traffic areas or other dogs I had to "reel her in" so to speak. What intrigued me most about the Stunt Puppy leash was it wasn't as long and seemed the perfect length.

I received the blue "stunt runner" leash from Stunt Puppy. Janie is smart and was immediately excited when I showed it to her because she knew what it was. 

The leash needed some adjusting on the waist so it would fit snug on me and not slide. Once I got it adjusted it was super comfortable and easy to put on. Just a buckle snap around me and a clip around her collar. Then we were off for our run! 

Janie and I had several easy runs and a few tempo runs in the new Stunt Puppy Leash. Janie loved it and so did I! The only downside, was I didn't have another one for Jackson! However, they do offer additional connectors that can be added to the leash so I can run with both hands-free. And I plan on purchasing one soon. 

So what's so different about Stunt Puppy? Here's the breakdown on why they stand out: 
  • Affordable.  $38 for one Stunt Runner leash. I've paid more for just a regular leash before!
  • Durable. The tubular nylon webbing is the same material used in top-quality climbing and rescue gear. And the buckle around the waist can withstand 200 lbs worth of pull. The super strong stitch is the same kind you'll see on climbing harnesses and firefighter gear.
  • Just the right amount of stretch. The connector (the part attached to your dog) stretches from 35"-51". Just enough to let them run ahead, but not too far ahead.
  • Custom Tailoring. The waist fits 28"-49" and is adjustable. But Stunt Puppy offers custom tailoring in case you need a more specific size. Pretty cool. 
  • Reflective. The Scotchlite Reflective Material on the leash can reflect back up to 500 feet, in case you run in some unsafe, unlit areas.

All in all I would highly recommend the Stunt Puppy leash if you are looking to run with your pup or pups. Stunt Puppy also makes some great harnesses, collars, and more.  

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Now a question for YOU. Do you run with your dog? Share your running pup story with me below. I love to hear them and if you have questions, feel free to ask! 


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