My Next Big Goal: It's Ultra Time!

Well I finally pulled the trigger and will be running the Black Canyon Ultras 60k in February! Running an ultra has been a goal of mine for a while. I've even signed up for one in the past and had to drop out because of injury. This time, I'm determined to train smart and complete the adventure!

Photo Courtesy: Black Canyon Ultras FB Page

So why did I pick this race? Well, for a couple reason. First off, it's here in Arizona and close. Which means I not only don't have to worry about travel plans, but I also can have a support crew of friends at the finish. Also, because it's local, many running friends will be there running it as well. That will help push me when I need it most.

In addition, this race is put on by Aravaipa Running, a seriously awesome local race company that puts on fantastic ultra/trail events. So I can trust that it will be well managed and coordinated and that everyone will be super supportive and helpful.

The views out at Black Canyon are incredible too! I've ran out there before and it's amazingly scenic. The desert can be beautiful too you know!

Photos Courtesy: Black Canyon Ultras FB Page 

Also, February is some great weather here in Arizona. It'll be chilly at the start, but by the time the miles start adding it up, it'll warm right up! Of course, in the past it's rained and forced the course to change as well as some undesirable weather, but that can't be helped. All I can do is cross my fingers.

The timing is also perfect. I hope to run a back to back Spartan Super and Sprint two weekends later, so by increasing my mileage right before then, I should be ready to tackle the Arizona Spartan Race weekend with ease. Emphasis on SHOULD BE. haha.

Last, but certainly not least, this race starts/finishes near the Rock Springs Cafe... a small diner locally known for it's amazing food and PIES. So of course all the finishers go there after the race to refuel on everything from your standard apple pie to my personal favorite--the Jack Daniel's Pecan Pie! Now if that's not enough reason to run 37+ miles I don't know what is. :)

I'm super excited for this new challenge. And I'll be posting all about my training (both the good and bad runs, what's working, what's not, and more!) so stay tuned for all the ultra-training updates. As well as some other races and challenges between now and then.

If you ever have any questions on my adventures or just have general running questions, drop a comment below anytime. Have a fantastic week and happy running!


  1. Oooh Exciting! Looking forward to hearing about your training! I've run 44kms.........not sure I'm brave enough to up it to 60kms!!!! Maybe you will inspire me :-)


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