Race Report: Back to Back Spartan Arizona

One challenging weekend out of the way. I ran the Spartan Arizona Super and the Spartan Arizona Sprint in one weekend, and it was both a mental and physical challenge to my limits!

I've been focusing on running more the last few months and less on the strength training. So leading into this race weekend I was already nervous and in my head about it. On Saturday, I participated in the Age Group division in the Spartan Super.

The course was great and, as always, a blast. The weather was perfect.. chilly at the start but warmed up fast! The trails were technically with some hills, but plenty of sections to go for an all out run if you could/wanted to. And plenty of mud! Haha

For me though, the challenge was all mental on this day. And personally, I had a tough race.

I missed the rig and from there it was all an internal struggle. I tried to rush through the rest of the obstacles and started missing more. Obstacles that I'd practiced for plenty of times. I didn't stop to take a breather and was getting fatigued. It wasn't my best race. I only beat my time from the previous year by about 6 seconds.

But I've been racing long enough to know that sometimes, we just have a rough race personally. And this back to back challenge was all about testing my endurance. And mental toughness. So I had to just push through. And push through I did! 

I'm very lucky to have had a support system there with me, especially Jason and Sheri. They both have been with me at Spartan events last year and having someone to help you keep your chin up after a rough race is great for lifting the spirit.

After finishing on Saturday, I volunteered with the Spartan Social Media Ambassadors helping out at one of the new photo booth areas. Tons of fun and I think a lot of people liked these new photo opps.

I wasn't done yet! I volunteered a full shift that afternoon/evening. My legs were sore and my body exhausted but I just kept pushing through. And I still had the Sprint the next day.

On Sunday, I ran in the first wave with the Open division for the Sprint. And somehow... I had a much better race! I focused on taking my time on obstacles and resting if/when I needed. My forearms were sore as hell, my legs heavy. But in the true Spartan spirit, I just kept pushing.

While I didn't have a PR on the Sprint, I only missed one obstacle (the twister).... and finally nailed the spear! Which is a first for me. So a much better race on Day 2 indeed!

And I was super grateful to have another friend, Andrew, running with me for the entire race. It helped me re-focus and enjoy the event.   

I also got to meet up with the Spartan Race Brand Ambassadors that had come out to run in Arizona as well. Super fun meeting so many people that have been crushing Spartans left and right and are all incredible people and beasts on the course! 

All in all, it was fantastic race weekend at Spartan Arizona. And I'm already 2/3 through a Trifecta for 2018! So I may have to shoot for TWO Trifectas this year. But we'll see. ;) 

I plan on running the Spartan Stadium in Phoenix and the Spartan Beast in Colorado Rockies next. I definitely plan on working on my form and technique more. And will force myself to take a breath and slow down on those obstacles! 

Meanwhile, I can be proud of myself for what I accomplished and for what's ahead! I have the Black Canyon Ultra 60k this weekend. Coming off of a tough Spartan weekend, it will rough and incredibly challenging. But I'm ready. Let's do this! 

Thanks for reading and happy running!


  1. Congratulations! Amazing job going back for the sprint after a less than grate day 1 & volunteering as well!! Fabulous Bling & good luck for this weekends 60KM!!!!


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