Back On My Feet with New Adventures Ahead!

I've been under the radar lately, after having some dental surgery done a few weeks ago. I had some much-needed recovery and down time, but now I'm ready to get back into the saddle for some exciting new adventures ahead!

Dental surgery wasn't fun. I needed a dental implant, but because nothing is ever easy... I also had to get a bone graft and sinus lift at the same time. So it benched me for quite some time. And you know us runners when we can't run (let alone workout!)... it was rough.

But thankfully, I'm getting back on the road (and trails)! Today was my first run back and while it was a struggle, it felt good to be running again. And to be back with the November Project Phoenix crew.

Courtesy: November Project Phoenix Facebook

Courtesy: November Project Phoenix Facebook

However, that's not ALL that's super exciting going on in my life. I'm pumped to share some awesome new things in store. First off, I've been invited to be a Lululemon Ambassador with the Lululemon Chandler family! It was a huge surprise! Spoiler: I said YES. ;)

I've been working with them on a few events and hoping to keep the momentum going with more awesome running events in the community. However, I was NOT expecting this! The awesome ladies there worked with Jason on getting all my friends together secretly. So when I turned the corner at the store, I was welcomed with 30+ friends, all the Lululemon Chandler crew, tons of confetti, and even champagne! I literally am still grinning from it all, days later.

I'm excited for what's ahead with the Lululemon crew... and more than just what it means for ME. But instead on what awesome events and adventures we can plan together for those in the Valley. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, there's more on the horizon. I will soon be teaching at CycleAve studio located inside FunkFit gym. I've worked out at FunkFit often enough to fall in love with it. And seen all the awesomeness going on inside the CycleAve studio. So I'll be joining the crew there and be doubling up on cross-training by instructing classes and strength training at FunkFit.

The CycleAve studio is intimate, with limited space. But that actually makes it better than most! The light wall is a sight you're just going to have to experience for yourself, and the energy that comes out of the room is incredible. I hope if you're free that you'll come ride with me once I'm on the schedule.

Courtesy: CylceAve Instagram

As I slowly get back into running, I will be strength training more often. I have two big Spartan Races coming up soon that I need to prepare for.

Courtesy: FunkFit Facebook
In even more exciting news... I'll be joining the Orange Mud team at Ragnar Trail Snowmass in June. I've ran this race before, and it was an amazing experience. I'm excited to get the chance to return AND hang out with the Orange Mud athletes at the same time. It's going to be pretty Epic!

So lots and lots of awesome adventures on the horizon this year. I'm honored, blessed, and truly excited for every single moment. I can't wait to share the fun with you, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and Happy Running! 


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