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I called out for YOUR Questions on everything from running, gear, etc.  So here are my answers!  Didn't get a chance to fire off what's on your mind? No worries, you can always ask whatever you want in the comments below, and I'll be doing more "Ask Me Anything" posts along the way! 

Here we go!

Sarah asked: How are you able to run in the heat? Any special tips, tricks, gear, or supplements help you get through runs in the summer? I'm not a hot weather runner but my marathon training starts in July!

I actually JUST did a post about my tricks to SURVIVING the HEAT! Check it out here: 

But I will say, my "coolest" trick (pardon the pun) is soaking a mesh hat and sticking it in the freezer.  Then I grab it right before my run.  Keeps my head cool and the ice water rolling down my neck is cold but feels great when its 100+ outside!

Sabrina asked: The more I run, it seems I am more aware of my posture and running form. I tend to focus on that a lot and throws off my running form or I start favoring either my left or right leg. With trails and slanted hills and road, do you focus on form or you just run and have fun with it?

On trails you tend to be forced to shorten your stride, and you're not going to be running like you would on pavement.  That's part of the fun though!   Here's a good article on running form while on the trails:

On slanted roads I try to move to the "flattest" part I can.  Running at a slant for an extended period of time can definitely lead to pain and throw off your game mid-race. 

If you're worried about whether you've got good form or are prone to injury, check out your local running store.  Some will be able to tell you if you pronate/overpronate, or maybe you're running too far forward or too far back.

Amy asked: What kind of dog do you have? He/She looks like a Canaan!
Honestly, we don't know!  She was a stray we found and took her in.  Our best guess has been Australian Kelpie or Basinji.  Mixed with something else.  I haven't done a "Doggie DNA" test yet, just b/c her breed doesn't matter much to me... b/c she's perfect! :)

My janie loves to run!

 Which do YOU think she could be???
This is a basenji
This is an Australian Kelpi/Border Collie mix. 

Tara w/ I'm Fit Possible asked: 
Q. How often do you buy new running shoes? 
Q.  When are you doing to come run in Canada? 
Q.  Is it true that deserts get really cold at night?

A.  I swap 'em out for new ones about every four months or so.  They say you should change your shoes about every 300 miles.  So it just depends on how heavy my mileage has been.  I'm a brooks fan all the way.  They fit me perfect, however, they do wear down pretty quick.

A.  I'll be running the Rock N Roll Marathon-Montreal come September!  Any other peeps running that one?  Social meet-up if you're there!  I've never been to Canada and can't wait to see the sights! And what better way to see the city than RUN through it?! :)

A.  It CAN get cold here in the desert, but typically that's in the winter.  In the summer, It actually doesn't even cool down.  I've ran at 9pm in the middle of summer before and it was still 104!  Now, the farther NORTH you go, the cooler it gets.  But here in southern/central Arizona, once summer passes, the weather stays pretty near perfect! So come visit!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Running everyone!  Hope your Easter Weekend is an AWESOME one!


  1. Your Janie certainly looks like she's got Kelpie in her!

    I'm just about to embark on training for my first marathon. What tips do you have for toughening up mentally i.e. not freaking out at the distance?? & I guess having that self belief?

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking more and more she's a Kelpie mix! Good luck on your first marathon training? My best advice: take your time and put in the miles when training. You'll slowly get used to the mileage and soon you'll look back and realize "wow, 8 miles is nothing!" then "12 mlles is a piece of cake now!" I use music to "zone out" or get into the moment. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions!!! Happy Running!

    2. Yes, definitely a Kelpie cross. She's a cutie! Thanks for the advice. I'm taking almost 6 months to train for it so should all be good & yes, do use music to zone out. Was wondering if talking books might be good too :-) Happy Running to you too!!

  2. Thanks for the tips on the hot weather run! I'll have to do the frozen hat trick this summer!


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