New Wardrobe, New Me: A Life Outside of Running Clothes

I love my running clothes. I feel most comfortable in them. But one of the most exciting things for me about taking on this new job at Gemini Virgo Productions, is donning a whole new wardrobe! My good friend who does photography on the side helped me commemorate this moment of self-validation with a photo shoot. 

I guess to me, a successful job has always been one where I actually needed to "dress to impress". They always say "dress for the job you want, not the one you have.". But in the past, it didn't really matter if I dressed up or not. No shirt and tie was going to move me up the ladder. 

So I would always wear what was most comfortable. Occasionally dressing up if I felt like it. But most of the time, it was running clothes or running tees. Because, hey, that was just me! Heck, even when I did wear something nice... I usually accompanied it with running shoes.

But I think deep down I wanted that stereotypical job with a nice office and where "relaxed attire" meant no tie. Accepting the position of Marketing Manager at GVP has been, pardon the cliché, a dream come true. Not JUST because it's exactly what I want to be doing (Marketing for a Race Company), but because I finally have a reason to break out of my norm. Honestly... a reason to grow up and wear grown up clothes. And I like it! 

I'm sure a polo and khakis will suffice at the GVP office. And I'm sure I'll be wearing that plenty. But this time I actually have a chance to "dress to impress". It is given me an opportunity to explore a whole new me, and a whole new style!


I'm not just looking forward to the experiences ahead, but looking forward to exploring this "new and improved me". Creating a whole new wardrobe has definitely been a self-validating moment. A passage into true adulthood and achievement. 


It seemed only right that the person to share that moment with me was my friend Andrea, who does photography on the side, and took all of these amazing photos. Because she was the person who was there when I declared I wanted to start a blog. We were running up South Mountain together one morning, and I told her what I wanted to do.  And she didn't hesitate a second telling me I should do it!

Andrea!! We had to take at least ONE selfie, right?!
From there, my running turned from hobby to passion. From passion to career goals. And now goals to career itself! It was one of those core memories... a life-turning moment and it was only appropriate that Andrea should join me for this one. :-D

I can't wait to turn the page in this next chapter in my life. I look forward to sharing the adventures with good friends like Andrea, and with the people who continue to inspire and motivate me... YOU! And don't worry, there will still be PLENTY of sweaty, smelly running clothes in my future. 

New style, same sense of humor! 

If you're in the Phoenix area, and looking for a great photographer, shoot a message to Andrea at


  1. I love the "dress for the job you want." If that means dress like my bosses (the partners who run my law firm), I'm not sure which to choose:

    Madras golf shorts, untucked polo, and Nike rubber sandals?

    Jeans, tucked-in polo, and white running shoes?

    Jeans, untucked button-down, and leather shoes?

  2. That is a nice outfit for work. It would look good in a meeting. It is fairly relaxed but will allow you to be taken seriously because it in no way can be considered too relaxed for work. I think that many companies which allow employees to wear relaxed attire go much further than that. It improves productivity in those businesses.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe


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