Wigwam Socks-Bringing our BibRave Pro Community Together

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Wigwam Ironman Lightning Pro Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! All opinions are my own.
Photo (left to right): @heatherruns13.1, @lauracaffeine@azsungoddess, and myself
We BibRave PROs took Wigwam Socks for a run 
and bonded over the experience! 

I know what you're thinking. Socks? How did they bring anyone "together"? But surprisingly enough, these Wigwam socks did just that!

We BibRave Pros share a lot with each other and others. From races we're running, training, gear, etc. But all of those can vary drastically from person to person. But what is one thing that EVERYONE wears? SOCKS!

And the Wigwam socks gave us all something to talk about because they were so great! Light-weight, ultra-thin, and wick moisture to keep the blisters away.  But our experiences trying them out together also strengthened the bond between Pros.

I joined my good friend Emily and fellow BibRave Pro for a run in the Arizona heat, as we took our Wigwam socks for a spin around Tempe Town Lake. We caught up on our training, had a few laughs, and chatted about why we loved our new socks.  And of course we took a few post-run glamour shots on the grass. ;-)

Fast forward to this past weekend at The North Face Endurance Challenge Series-Wisconsin (review coming soon). I took part in the trail adventure with BibRave Pros Heather and Laura and we chatted about why we brought our Wigwam socks WITH us-because we wanted to stay blister-free standing around in our socks all day AND reduce the risk of odor. After all, we were spending a LOT of time together.
Photo courtesy: @heatherruns13.1
All in all, these Wigwam Socks have everything you would want in a sock: affordable, moisture control, keeps you free of blisters & odor, comfort, and the ability to bring you and your running friends together! 

I personally prefer socks with the heel-tab and fortunately Wigwam has tons of those options, so I've already stocked my shopping cart and am checking out now! Speaking of... snag a few pairs yourself and SAVE 15% (+ FREE Shipping!) with code "10-WG615BR".  (Find more BibRave discounts on gear and races HERE)

Don't just take my word for it. Check out fellow BibRave Pro Wigwam Reviews below!


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