North Olympic Discovery Marathon Interview and Giveaway!

It's never too soon to plan your summer race-cation right? I'm planning mine at the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in Washington state summer of 2017. You can join in the fun race preps by WINNING a NODM training swag bag! 

Ever since hearing about the North Olympic Discovery Marathon from BibRave, it's been on my bucket list. On June 4, 2017 I'll finally check it off my list! To kick off my excitement for this race, I had a little Q & A with fellow BibRave Pro and Arizona social runner, Emily (aka AZSunGoddess).

Check out those views!
Emily ran the North Olympic Discovery Marathon this year and I wanted to pick her brain about what she loved about the race. (You can read her review from NODM here.)

Emily after the race. All that water!! :-O

What distance did you do? 
Half marathon

How long did you stay in the area? 
One night (but spent the first night in Seattle visiting friends)

Eat anywhere fun?       
Not really. Port Angeles is a very small town.  If you want to go somewhere "nice", try to make reservations or go really early. Places were crowded.  I went to a pizza place for dinner and they literally ran of out pizza dough.

What was the expo like? Favorite booth?
Expo was teeny tiny, nothing really sticks out as a favorite.

How was the race swag?
The long sleeve half zip shirt was awesome, and the medal was nice too. Full marathoners got even nicer goodies.

What was the course like? (i.e. hills, flat, scenic, etc.)
Um, hills! We were up, we were down, but it was so pretty!!!

Were there plenty of aid stations on the course?
Yes, and many of them had themes. I remember a star wars one.

Was weather an issue for you? 
Unfortunately, yes. It was very hot and humid that day.  The race had a pretty late start time, it would be great if it started earlier.

Let’s talk race logistics: I know there’s a shuttle and it’s not an out and back course. So what’s the best way to get around to start/finish at NODM?
I chose a hotel right by the finish. The shuttle was a 5 minute walk from my hotel and I found COFFEE! 

How was the race finish? 
There was a TON of food to choose from. The food I remember the most was the ice cold fruit and yogurt parfaits. Man, those hit the spot! And let's not forget the local craft beer at the finish.

What was your favorite part about NODM?
The course and finish area.  Scenery for days.
What’s your one piece of advice for myself, and others running NODM in 2017?
Train hills, hydrate well and take in all that scenery! Sorry, I know that's 3 things.  Being from Arizona we don't see that kind of green. It's just awesome.

Thanks Emily for all the awesome info on NODM. Now are you ready to join me for this awesome event? You can save $5 on the North Olympic Discovery Marathon by using the discount code "BibRave17".

Okay, on to the giveaway! No, you **do not** have to be registered for this race to be eligible to win. However, it's some pretty great incentive to sign up. ;-)

Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter to win the following:
  • A NODM green 1/4 zip long sleeve performance shirt
  • A NODM blue short sleeve performance tee
  • A NODM baseball cap
  • A NODM water bottle
  • A NODM magnet
See the images below for what's all in this NODM Training Swag Bag! (Note: the medal is not included. You'll have to register and come earn that one for yourself. 😉)

1/4 Zip (medal not included!)
Tech Tee Design
NODM baseball hat
NODM Water Bottle

Winner will be notified by e-mail on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 by 10am (PDT) and announced on social media. 

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  1. looks like a very scenic (and beautiful) race

    1. Absolutely! Can't wait. All the selfies! lol

  2. I've participated in NODM twice, the half in 2016, and a 10k (my first over 5k!) in 2015.
    Looking forward to the half in 2017, hopefully it won't be so hot :)

    1. Congrats on winning the training package and can't wait to see you in person! Don't forget you can save $5 on registration fees by using discount code " "BibRave17".

  3. I traveled last year from Abilene, TX. It is a beautiful course and I got to run with my BFF! Looking forward to this year and hoping it will be an annual girls week!

    1. That's awesome! I hope we can meet up in person this year! Don't forget, you can save $5 on registration with "BibRave17".

  4. I love running here in the PNW. The fact that this race isn't too far away from home is what intrigues me the most. I also like any distance race that ends in a good craft beer. It makes those miles worth it. Lol.

    1. Come join me! Would love to run with ya! :)

  5. NODM is my favourite marathon by far! I will be back this year for attempt #3 and hoping it is a bit cooler this year ;-)

    1. We will definitely have to meet up in person! Can't wait to run it myself, and hoping for a little cooler weather too. ;) Don't forget, you can save $5 with code "BibRave17".

  6. I love scenic races and nice views while I'm running. I do not like hills though. So this race is a maybe for me.

    1. My favorite most scenic races have always also been the hilliest. Sucks they sometimes go hand in hand! lol Hope to see you there!


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