Support Where it Counts: My Aerodaks Men's Sports Briefs Review

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I can't speak for all guys, but I know some short liners or plain undies just don't provide the support we need for on the run. The Aerodaks running briefs promise men better support, breathable mesh, moisture wicking, and better comfort. Do they live up to the claim? I put them to the test!

Typically I run in compression shorts, but when it's hot out those can get a little sweaty. Okay, a lot sweaty. And yes, I realize most men's running shorts have liners in them. But let's address that one real quick. Check out the shape of the liner inside these running shorts. A rather large, generic "shape" that's not going to hold much... er... in place. 

Think short liners are enough? Ever tried doing burpees or jumping jacks in running shorts? I have... it's not a pretty sight! But I get it, for some short liners are enough. And that's okay. But for those of you who are like me in search of a better fit and more support, keep reading for why Aerodaks stands out. 

Aerodaks running briefs claims the following advantages:
Better comfort
Created for maximum comfort without compromising performance. For example, no side seams in order to reduce irritation.
Ergonomic fit
The bi-elastic material and the inclusion of an adjustable string helps you achieve a perfect fit.
Strong support
A double mesh layer around your vital parts protects you from unwanted bounce whilst keeping you fresh and dry.
Moisture wicking
Made from premium Italian micro mesh fabric. The material's strength lies in its ability to wick away moisture, which in turn, reduces chafing.
Breathable design
The innovative design provides for improved aeration, providing for better comfort.
Minimal resistance
Shaped and styled for comfort and minimal resistance, helping you run more freely and confidently.

I'm currently increasing mileage as I am training for the Sedona Marathon.  I ran multiple shorter runs, and three long runs up to 16 miles in my Aerodaks running briefs. And yeah, I even did some burpees in them. So, did they live up to the hype? My verdict: YES!

 The Aerodaks never caused any chafing and I didn't have any discomfort. They DID take a run or two to get used to because I wasn't accustomed to the extra support. They fit like any pair of briefs do, but the most significant difference I discovered about the Aerodaks was the material. 

The Aerodaks are made of an all micro-mesh fabric and you can tell. You can actually see my hand through them. This is also why they are an under garment and not for a solo run. Although the front area is reinforced with a double mesh layer, so as to avoid any embarrassing moments. 

After my runs, while yes the Aerodaks were sweaty, they were nothing near as others I have ran in. The breathability of these running briefs by far out weight everything else I've run in.

As far as support goes, they definitely kept "the boys" in place more than my shorts liners. All in all I would highly recommend a pair for the hotter running months. However, during the colder months, I will probably have to stick with my compression shorts/tights for the added warmth. But rest assured, on warmer days, shorter runs, and summer months, I'll be sporting my Aerodaks! 

Also, the price for these isn't bad. Only $26.41 a pair and FREE SHIPPING. You can purchase a pair of Aerodaks HERE

Still on the fence? Fellow social media runner Ryan Olson (Instagram: @r_p_olson) saw me posting about the Aerodaks undies, purchased a pair, and fell in love with them! 

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